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2012: The End?


Seems like multiple sources point to 2012 as the end of the world, the mayans, some other culture, (i give nostradamus zero cred), a new planet x or nibiru coming in to our solar system,

Hell even einstein predicted a polar shift in 2012 where the north pole becomes the south pole and so on and so forth.

I dont think much is going to happen, seems like the mayan calendar runs out and people go absolutely nuts, everyone is always looking for the end of the world. Not to mention books and movies are going to make a fortune out of this.

Any thoughts on the matter


you were watching the history channel last night weren't you?


If the poles do shift as Einstein said, you can expect massive earthquakes, tidal waves, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions etc...

If you are worried about this happening, the trick will be to find somewhere on the planet where none of these things will effect you.

A lot of Scientists say that these polar shifts happen every 10,000 or 100,000 years or so, I can't remember which one it was, and is what leads to Ice ages.

It's just part of the planets cycles, we're just the tennents, and have to deal with it.



I was thinking the same thing.


Their are alot of theories surrounding December 21, 2012. One theory I remember was the earth will be completely aligned with the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. The center is believed to be a black hole and the magnetic force derived from the black hole could be the result of a polar shift. The earth has never been aligned with the center which is why there is alot of speculation with regard to this.

Edit: The Mayan's calendar among many other calendars predict the end of the world around this time. These calendars have also been credited for it's accuracy predicting many future events that occurred.


It would be better than suffering the humiliation of an alien race finding our remains after a nucleur war wipes out the entire human race.


Hmmm, that sure will make those people eating lettuce all day in the hopes of life extension feel funny, huh?

The only reason to worry about some massive event that wipes all life from the planet is if you have been avoiding all of that stuff you really wanted to do but didn't because you had "forever" to do so.


Yeah, everything except the end of the Mayan civilization.

The world will eventually lose its ability to sustain life, but it's not going to be 4 years from now.


Thoughts? Yes, it's all crap.

Einstein didn't write anything about pole shifting; he wrote a foreword to a book that dealt with the subject... before plate tectonics were even a theory.

Mayan could predict the end of the world in 2012, but failed to see the collapse of their own civilization? Bzzzzt. Thanks for playing.

Nostradamus was a con man who realized the simple truth that if you write your predictions in a vague, image-laden language, people will see all kinds of things in them. Just like the daily horoscopes who are so vague that just about anyone of them (for any sign) can fit your day.

Or those cold-readers who claim to speak with the dead, but somehow only hear the letter "J" all the time. Is the afterlife a game of Wheel of Fortune, or what? Can't they buy a vowel?

The Earth aligning with the galactic center? WTF? Aren't we always aligned with it? If you have two points (the Earth and the galactic center), there's only one line you can put through both of them... we're always in line with it.

Those alignment stories sound great, but gravity's pull over vast distances, even for a giant black hole, is trivial. The moon's pull on us is much greater than the galactic black hole, and it's not ripping the Earth apart anytime soon.

One thing that's very odd though, is that all those "end of the world in 2012" proponents have 401Ks and retirement funds that are expected to pay off way after 2012. If you really expect the world to go belly up (equator North?) in 2012, shouldn't you just be living it large until then?


I think the mayan calendar was more geared to astrology and not pointing out what could happen on their own planet in reguards to human invasion. I dont think astrology would allow them to see conquistadors coming to their country and kicking their ass.

I'm very skeptical of the subject but its always interesting to imagine it actually happen, and thats where some people get way too into it.


People are so gulible.


Don't you guys read the PWI forum?

Of course the world will end within the next four years, Obama was elected president.


Well said. Especially if it's iceburg. The only people who should hold off on doing everything they want are the crazies. Let's keep them in the dark.


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That is hilarious! I meant to watch that show myself.

Anyways, the history channel relays pretty credible info.

The mayans and many others did predict a major issue in 2012.

Nobody really knows what will happen if anything so the history channel just puts out the theories already given.

I know the mayans and nostradamus both utilized astrology to make many predictions, much like the chinese, the egyptians, the jews etc etc.

Regardless of the mystical realities behind their scientific study of the stars, the mayans and nostradamus both had a very practical knowledge about the solar system.

I would imagine there is supposed to be an astronomical anomaly that probably will happen and in the less illumined past, cultures believed this to be a sign of change and apparently destruction.

I would bet something out of the ordinary will occur in the area of space we are familiar with, but the superstitions surrounding it died with the ancient cultures.


Right guys, we have exactly 4 years to get as insanely huge and ripped as possible!!!11!


Well, looking ahead in my datebook...whaddya know! I'm lifting on that day!


This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end

Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
Ill never look into your eyes...again



Astrology is used to predict the future*. That's the claim. If you can't see you don't even have a future, your astrology sucks. Ergo, Mayan predictions = FAIL.

  • The real use is to remove money from the pockets of suckers, gullibles and credophiles.


does anybody here understand prophecy?


the differences between?

Moses explains it...Paul and John give rules on how to prophecize...Ezekiel and Daniel and others give examples of first hand experiences...

but know that the Mayans did divination and that means its unreliable what they predict...

however if there are signs like a new planet in our solar system or the poles changing then I could see something very notable happening but to see what was happening would take someone who can PROPHECIZE to accurately discern as opposed to someone who does DIVINATION...