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2012, The End Of the World


2012 will be the end of the world as we know it. Except, not in the way hollywood and mainstream media has suggested it to be. 2012 will be the evolution of man as we become higher beings. I'm not going to go into great detail about it because you can access all of this information easily on youtube or google. I'll start everyone off with a few videos (one is lengthy but well worth it, it connects the dots about EVERYTHING we know in life.)

Every morning I wake up and ask myself what is my purpose in this physical life... I know it's not meant to be working for someone slaving away for the benefit of the "people up top." I think I may have found my purpose for the time being, and that is to spread the word. Lets wake up people!! I know deep down everyone feels a sense of emptiness no matter what job and power title we have achieved. I challenge you to make a CHANGE! Freedom is our human birthright!


You are about to get lit the fuck up.

I have very strong opinions about 2012 but there are better ways to approach them on this site.


Can I have all your stuff?



you just had to try and ghey the end of the world up didnt you.


I could care less about being "lit the fuck up." I think i'll survive with my internet person on T-Nation being damaged. No srsly i'll be okay.

Thats what's wrong with people now a days. If anyone dares to speak out and actually use their creative side of their brain (right part) you are ridiculed. That part of our brain is there for a reason, and today's world is completely suppressing it. Not to mention, does it seem strange that the further we go along the more and more music and art sucks?

Give the videos a try, do some research, what do you got lose in those few hours that you would probably be watching Family Guy anyways?


Just trollin' along


Did Family Guy do an episode about this?


I really don't have much to give in physical value, but you and everyone else can have all my love. <3


Easy there Harold Camping.


Congratulations, you have officially gheyed this shit up.


Thats probably because you are young and impressionable, you have yet to "bust your nut" on the thing us old guys call life.


Impressionable? I wouldn't call it that old guy. More like hungry, and not scared of being wrong through trail and error of this thing called life. Even if all of this happened to be BS, then life would move on and I wouldn't be worried about it at all.


Yes Impressionable, why do you thing all the suicide bombers are always in your age group?


Search on google "indigo children."

Search any other type of phenomena.

These type of things have been around for ages and ages. Are you going to write them of as bullshit? Why? Just because you haven't learned how to do it?


ive gotta say i prefer ragnarok to all this ghey ascendency shit.


20 years of working in the medical field, raising 5 kids. I have seen more then you have the problem is you are looking for an identity. You are searching to be unique and different from the herd. After the 100's of death and dying experienced I have been apart of I dont write anything off. But I am not drinking the Koolaide and following Jim Jones down the rabbit hole.


Ummmmm, because they've been manipulated psychologically since they were born.. The same way all of society is being brainwashed right now, telling us whats possible and whats not.

All I ask you is to give the first video a chance. From fellow weight lifter to fellow weight lifter. Even if your opinion doesn't change you will still be entertained because it will keep your mind busy and asking questions throughout the documentary.


My mind is always entertained, and I always ask questions. But I do not believe that any human will accurately predict anything, especially the end of the world.
Are there things that can not be explained, of course, I have seen it. The human body is an amazing animal, however the mind is an endless confusion that can never been defined.


I am in no way asking you to follow anything. Just giving different options in what we been taught to believe. The point is not to start a revolution or anything close to it.
If you are happy with your own life, then there is nothing I can say.