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2012 NFL Fantasy Football


Okay West Coast asked me to start this ball rolling.

Anybody that was in last year and wants to be again remember Matty is the treasury and West Coast is the commish. Send them your email.

This thread is also just to talk fantasy to keep the other thread to just real football discussion. I will start a college football thread next month when things get started.

Anybody want to throw out there who should be #1 pick this year?

I got to go with Rogers or Brady


Do you guys do an auction draft or snake?


Year before last we did online Yahoo and last year ESPN, not auction and honestly I do not know what snake is. Now I feel stupid....


A snake draft is the normal kind with a draft order that reverses each round. Auction is where you have a budget for picks and can bid on any player.

I strongly prefer auction.


Okay its snake for sure. We have about 5 guys who have been in it consistently past 3 years. So we have not been able to really get enough to have a keeper league to do something like an auction.

We still have a blast, I think first year was lie $20 buy in and last year was $50 I believe.


RG3 obvi


I'd probably go with Rodgers.

I know I want to get my hands on either Gronk or Graham real quick.


Yea I think TE's will go higher than they ever did. RB's are starting to slip cause there are really only a couple of bell cows in the league


The auctions are with funny money so you can do them for 1 year leagues.


I have done those back in the day before the internet :slight_smile:

I dont know what ends up happening is everyone is all hard dick at first then when things settle out at least 3-4 people just give up. We are trying to make sure it is competitive that is why we upped the buy in.


An auction draft comes down to one thing: making EVERY player available to EVERY manager.

Keeper leagues don't change that at all. They may remove some players from the available pool, but that's it.


No I get that, I was just throwing in the keeper league also.

I dont know if you can do auction drafts on yahoo or ESPN


Ah gotcha. I do know Yahoo added in auctions last year and mock auctions are already up-and-running, but no idea on ESPN.

Also fun about auctions:

  • even amongst the exact same group, no two auctions are the same
  • tons more possibilities than snakedrafts: last year, one manager in my college crew's 16-teamer got both Foster and AP (wasn't able to surround them with much else obviously, but still)
  • while it's pretty hard to screw up a snake draft no matter where you're picking, you can count on at least 1-2 managers to fuck up via auction


^ I like the snake personally, I enjoy this but dont want to spend 8 hours doing an auction


There is a time limit on every pick just like with a snake. My auction went faster last year than past snake drafts have.

Most people don't want to do it because they've never done it before.

And yes I'm trying to sell you on the idea.


Lol WC is going to be the commish his call brother


Im inski



Less than three hrs for a full 14-teamer auction, according to Yahoo's default setting (0:30 to nominate, 0:30 of bidding, which does re-set to 0:10 with each higher bid, iirc)


this is my kind of fantasy football.