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2012 NFL Draft



Okay figured the Senior bowl is Saturday and the kickoff the "process".

Some of us do not have a dog in the race, and some plain hate the two teams in the SB. :slight_smile:

Lets get it started talking about our teams and what we think will happen.

I think all we have Coaches now on our teams or will be revealed very soon.


Alston Jeffery is a less impressive Calvin Johnson (a la Dez Bryant) while Justin Blackmon is a more talented Mike Crabtree.

I like Melvin Ingram. The Rams should take Trent Richardson if they don't trade, but maybe the scouts have a late round rb pegged out, and Matt Kalil has been hyped as long as Luck. I don't think the Bucs take Morris Claiborne because he doesn't seem like a Cover-2 corner, more of an athlete. Maybe Alfonso Dennard, who played Alston Jeffery real hard in the bowl game, but at 5? I don't like the other corner, Dre Kirkpatrick, as a top ten pick.

Robby Griffin has a loose head, can get beat up.


Kanada: since you mentioned Alfonzo Dennard, I must say that I'm a huge fan of his, and when he is healthy, I think he is a better corner than Prince Amukamara, his Nebraska teammate who was drafted in the first round by the Giants last year.

But I just read earlier today that Dennard will not be playing in the Senior Bowl this weekend because of an injured hip flexor, and apparently he was not having a good week of practice before that. One of the experts think his draft stock is gonna take a big hit, which would be disappointing to me as a fan. I think some mock drafts had Dennard as a mid to late first rounder before this week, so no way he gets snagged as high as #5. But I think if he drops to the late first round or even second, some team is gong to get a steal.

When healthy, he covers really damn well and is physical.


Right in time for the Cowboys pick.


I have no idea what the Broncos are going to do with their draft. I'm still traumatized by the baffling draft day decisions that Josh McDaniels made during his short tenure. Fox and Elway are quite a bit smarter, but now they have to figure out what to do with their offense, if they will be able to build around Tebow or whatever. It will be interesting to see what direction they go.


I think I actually saw Dennard going to the 'Boys in one mock draft.


I have the Mocks to many of them, I have found that only a few guys are plugged in and know how teams draft and what is available.

We will go all D this draft for sure in early rounds, maybe depth in later.


Wish I knew anything about college football. Need a late second round starting left tackle or a right DE.


Yep Ill be taking notes...dont know anything about college ball


I think this will be a really interesting offseason, since no one had the benefit of a full offseason of personnel decisions last year because of the lockout. I wonder how many teams had to put some of their long-term plans on hold last year because they weren't allowed to make the moves they wanted to.

Last year, teams weren't allowed to use current players in trades for draft pickes, so they usual draft-day deal-making was muted a bit. Once the offseason starts, I wonder if any teams are going to start going nuts with trades and cuts and such?

Usually some of the most interesting activity during the draft is when teams try to move up or down and bundle picks and players together just to change their positioning.


Good this means NFL.com will let Mike Mayock out of his cave soon and I can read his salient columns instead of the nonsensical ramblings of Bucky Brooks and his ilk.



-everyone and their brother in chicago has pegged them for a WR, mostly mentioned is michael floyd from ND, theres something off about him and i dont like him. Now taking a WR i can be on board with, we really need one. But a big thing that you hear mentioned but not really talked about is a LB. Urlacher is getting old and will be coming off and injury, Briggs is getting old which people seem to forget, why not draft a stud LB in the first, there are a bunch, who can play outside for 2-3 yrs then when urlacher retires plug them in at MLB and the legacy continues!!! We really do need another OLB and i think this year in the first round is a good pick. If they go WR i wont be upset unless its floyd.

-we still need a GM, probably gonna be Emery, which is ok i guess, he has worked for us before which is why i say him, they like familiarity. I really wanted the guy from the NYG after seeing what hes done, but they ruled him out this week.

-I REALLY REALLY REALLY like Tice getting the OC position. If you guys dont already know (DJ you might lol) I love TIce. I think hes the best OL coach around. And if you look at his stats from when he ran the vikings he knows how to run an offense tailored to his team. Im excited about it.


Every single person in the media around Cleveland has us taking RG3 if available(depends on St Louis I guess, whether they want to stick with Bradford or not), and that scares the shit out of me. I'm not saying he didn't look good in college, and didn't perform or whatever, but I just don't see "stud, can't miss NFL QB" when I look at him.

If QB were our only glaring hole, or even our worst one(not saying Colt looks good, but I mean... have you seen the Brown's receiving depth chart?), I think it'd be a solid option. However, even if STL takes Blackmon over RG3 to start the whole scenario, that still leaves 100% guaranteed no matter what, either Coples or Claiborne to pick, both of which are huge holes on defense.

On top of that, there's just less risk with a DE/CB than a QB, especially one like RG3 who played spread his whole life and would be entered into a run heavy offense with essentially NO receivers to throw to.

Rant over.


Can I get an amen. I listen to Mayock, cause he has been right way more than those other Tards at ESPN.


Steelers need OL help, AGAIN. They probably won't get any til the 3rd round, like usual.


I was listen this morning and thinking about this, they have to go OL. Kind of like Dallas did last year, enough is enough, you have to have that stud OL guy. Besides RB and some more DL those are there needs for sure.


RB is not a need at all. Redman, Dwyer, and the new horse, John Clay, are more than enough. Plus they get the good-looking rookie Baron Batch back from injury, who should replace Moore as the 3rd down back.

IMO Mendenhall is completely expendable. Even more so now that he's damaged goods.

DL is definitely a need with Hoke retiring, Aaron Smith probably retiring, and Keisel and Hampton very near the end of their careers. I would love to get a stud that can play the run and put pressure on the QB, but that's asking for a lot with the 24th pick. I'd rather see them take best OL available (other than C) at that point and pick up depth for DL later on.

ILB is also a need, because I think Foote and Farrior are going to be released as cap casualties, leaving only Timmons and Sylvester as incumbents.

On the outside, Harrison is getting up there in years and Worilds has shown next to nothing. He's earned the bust label from me. So there has to be some consideration given to OLB as well.

In the secondary, Troy and Ryan Clark aren't getting any younger. They need some youth at safety. Corner is pretty well set with depth, so I'm not expecting any picks to go in that direction.


^ Sorry didnt know depth at RB, I just remember the playoff game and they seemed thin there.


Working pretty much every weekend dosen't allow me to watch much colledge ball so I have to go on what I read and hear instead of my own eyes.

Pittsburgh needs OL. Period. With the injuries they've had to live through their OL coach deserves a ton of credit.

The Owner is hinting at wanting to run the ball more but as SN mentioned above the leauge is a changin'. It almost seems Rooney wants the team to mimic(if that's the right term) the Texans or maybe San Fran. Big dominate OL, dominate running back and a safe but make a few HUGE plays a game QB and win it close by eating up the clock. The Bus left the station sir, literally six years ago. I prefer the old style of Steeler football but it's time to move on. Having a road grater like Colon go down two years in a row hurt alot as well. Scott and Kemo were just plain awfull but will probably be back which sickens me.

Then I would like to see a NT picked to replace big snack. Ziggy could play NT but I don't think he's big(fat) enough. McClendon at NT is another option there but still not ideal.

RB is stacked, no concerns there at all.

They have a great young crop of recievers, that's the future Mr.Rooney like it or not.

OLB: Worilds is meh so far, third stringer Carter was hurt so not really sure what to expect from him.

I would love to see them draft a crazy ass mofo LB with a chip on his shoulder to shake things up. Someone who's crazy about football and a real character but can be coached up and just wants a chance, a real fucking nutjob the fans could embrace.

I watched a little of what I think it was the east/west shrine game and really liked a Sparten player and right away saw him at NT for the Steelers, can't remember the name of the guy though.

If any of you colledge guys know who I'm talking about or have any thoughts on a NT prospect they like post your thoughts I'd appreciate it.


Oklahoma State QB is getting tore up at the combine. He is not looking very good and at 29 years old, he is in trouble.