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2012 European Weightlifting Championships


Roster: http://www.ewf.sm/files/antalya2012_final_entries.pdf

-105 and SHW are going to be badass. Dolega (405), Sheyko (415), Bedzhanyan (420); Steiner (420), Scerbathis (425), Chigishev (445), Albegov (445).

Should be a good day for Russophiles.

Also of note: Mutlu in the 56's(!), Pulaku in the 77's, Vardanyan in the 94's.


This is gonna be fucking awesome. We haven't seen Chigi, OR Steiner, OR Scerbathis lift in awhile. And it will be a first for me to watch Sheyko lifting in such a big event.

Vardanyan, Pulaku (USA's hope)...

where's Klokov? And my favorite, Aramnau?


Yeah, I'd kind of assumed that Chigishev had been put out to pasture due to his age and recurring injuries. I would love to see him win overall gold for once.

Maybe Klokov, Aramnau and Akkaev are resting up for London?


makes sense. I think Aramnau is lifting in the supers now (with a beard, hahueahuehauhe)


I'm excited. Personally I wouldn't be surprised to see Mutlu drop out (the man's almost 40 I think) but it would be cool to see him lifting again. Interested to see what kind of shape Dolega, Chigishev, Steiner and Scerbatihs are in. Hoping for another clean and jerk world record from Bedzhanyan (240? more?). Also curious to see how Oleg Chen does in the 77s. Also, for the women, Oxana Slivenko (69) and Tatiana Kashirina (75+) are both in there; both should cruise to gold medals but we could see some big numbers from them.

Should be noted that currently the Russians have three guys listed in the mens supers, one of them won't get to lift. Could be insurance against a repeat injury by Chigishev in the final days of the taper. Also, I'd think Klokov/Akkaev would be on a program designed for them to peak for London and completely ignore the Europeans, which would lend credence to my theory from another thread that they'll be Russia's representatives at 105 regardless of how well Bedzhanyan lifts in Antalya.

I haven't seen hide nor hair of Aramnau since he won the Europeans in 2010. I was under the impression he was pretty much done? Too many off the platform issues. I sincerely hope I'm wrong, watching him lift in Beijing was a big factor in me starting this sport to begin with.


In regards to Aramnau, he competed in the Belarus national championships... I thought he was making a comeback after the whole drinking/driving thing (twice?), but apparently not. If he's not competing at this year's Euros, I doubt he'll compete in London.



Aramnau - despite the beard - doesn't seem to be in very good shape at the moment (by his standards).

As a side note - I find that All Things Gym website kind of obnoxious. I wonder how much revenue that guy earns from re-posting other people's material from Youtube, blogs and forums. He seems to have an excessively ubiquitous presence. Anyway...

Yes, I was very surprised to see Mutlu's name. He's almost 39! I'm kind of intrigued to see what happens.


no idea. I just googled Aramnau and came up with that. first time I've been there.


If Aramnau's been training hard and is in good shape I wouldn't put it past Belarus to send him to London, despite the fact he won't be at Europeans. They've already qualified mens spots through worlds anyways. But if he's only sitting at a 400 total and he's not even down at 105, I doubt they'd do that. See if he makes some crazy rebound gains.

Regarding his drinking and driving, I always found it hilarious one of the times he got busted, he was pulled over next to a giant billboard of himself.


yeah I read that, hahaha. Not only that, check out this quote:

"And specifically helps me a beer to recover. I - a professional athlete and I know all the features of my body. I only drink beer. Bottle in the morning, at lunch, and later another one."

Just seems like he has a drinking problem. LOL


So if I want to be awesome I just need to start drinking again. It's so stupid it just . . . might . . . work . . .


The guy is such a lifting hero. I want to see him battling again!

Uncle told me of one of his lifters carrying a 24 pack for post training drinking to pack on some weight and the fact that he loved to drink LOL



bump . . . what happened to Lapikov?


He tested positive for methylhexanamine, which seems a bit odd? Europeans are going to be very high quality competition, there is still olympic qualification to be settled!


Damn that's right, I forgot... Dude was one of my favorites. One of the best physiques in weightlifting, and pretty tall too (6'0" or 6'1"). I'm partial to taller lifters :stuck_out_tongue:


Lu xiajoun has the best physique.


http://wsport.free.fr/2012/Mars/rigert1.htm here is an article which says that Klokov and Akkaev are already selected for the olympics. Oleg Chen has a lot to lift for in the europeans, he probably needs something like 345 kilo total to impress Rigert!


"one of the best physiques"... lol. Jesus bro.


Sorry i meant to say. ''Lu xiajoun has the best physique :)''

I didn't mean it the way it came across.