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2012 Comp Season

Nice to see such tangible results for hard work.
Congrats on the ribbons and bling.

I want to be this athletic when I’m older.
wouldn’t mind having your quality of deadpan either.

the Dylan Thomas - how appropriate for your training

Rage, rage against the dying of the light

Great meet results, and love the DT thread title. One of my favorites.

Maybe mine will follow Houseman soon: “Malt does more than Milton can, to justify God’s way to Man”

Colin, it didn’t go far when they threw, but hell, just walkin into the circle at that age is an accomplishment. (Was kinda funny when their teeth popped out, though :))
MJ, we only have 3 kettlebells where I lift. Heaviest is 55#. Tried it a few times and keep flipping it over at the top of the lift and knockin hell outta my forearm. Think there may be some application to the Highland Games, weight over bar certainly, but I need to learn to use them better.

Thanks hawk, haven’t heard from you in a while.
kpsnap, thank you for stopping in and for the compliment. Why only twice a week? Because,“Rashness belongs to youth, prudence to old age.” If I’d known I’d be entertaining lady visitors I’d have been a bit more judicious with my humor.
Kevin, Nice to hear from you, pops. What deadpan?
Thanks Pete. Love poetry. People putting into words feelings and emotions that most of us can’t explain.

Monday night
1000m swim, med speed

Last night, back at it


Incline (smith, it’s so wrong but feels so good)

Standing cable flyes


hypers w35#

bent row

Sorry I’m late. Great performance, Harry. You never fail to inspire! You just keep getting better and stronger.

Great training. Only 229. You’re a toothpick. You definitely needed to pigout. Be sure to warmup before sprints. My right achilles hasn’t been right after sprinting without a good warmup.

Great job Harry.

Note: on the Kbells you need to sqaueeze the the handle very hard doing your cleans or snatches with it. On the snatch lift with the 2 pood (53 pounder) as the bell goes over the head punch your straight up while aquuzing the bejeesus out of the bell. Make sense? like in a snatch and jerk without the seperation of the legs.

Scratch first comment.

Make way, make way a Chief is coming through.

Dig the thread title.

If you can’t get inspired by 94 year old shot putters then you can’t get inspired.


Thanks Fischer. Gonna give them a try. If nothing else sounds like they’re good for the grip.
Last night

Btn (seated)
135x8x2 (wide grip)
185x8x2 (narrow grip)

hang snatch
135x6x2 (wide)
135x6x2 (narrow)

hammer seated front press (a first)

lat raises
bent lat raises

10 x 30m dash (well, more like a plod)
In place jumps - bunch

How did the sprints feel? I remember running much faster 20 years ago.

Great job at the Senior Olys Harry. You really contiue to inspire and keep us all in awe! Sorry I am so late to the game yet again. How many more meets and games do you have scheduled for the season?

I go away for a while, come back, and nothing’s changed…

Great work, Harry, congrats on the money PR in the discus.

Well done on the thread title, very appropriate. I think your next thread title in honor of your upcoming participation in the Senior Olympics should be “Poetry in Motion”. (If I may be so bold as to make a suggestion of course.)

And I second the toast to your deadpan humor, love it.

Steve, I was a cheetah. An old, lame, couldn’t even catch the crippled 3 legged antelope and stuck in quicksand cheetah. Felt clumsy, like my legs were going straight up and down and flat footed instead of driving forward. Very dishearting. But…that’s the reason I’m doing them. Trying to get (a little of) the old drive and explosion back. 20 years ago? I was still running across hostile territories and being shot at. I could run real damn fast then. Lttle motivation goes a long way.

Thanks Wilson, we all inspire each other. T&F is over for the year (probably). Just got an invite to a nearby highland game so right now my dance card reads: Ringold, Ga (9/4/10) and Scottsboro, Al (10/2/10).
PG, I’ll settled for just staying in motion.

After work (98 degrees today, 99 tomorrow with a heat index of 109 predicted. Yeah, I work tomorrow.)

Front squats

Back squat

one leg squats, back leg on bench
135x8x3 ea

weighted twists w 135x max

All I could do. Wife’s cooking steaks, gonna eat while watching Eureka, followup with a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream, may go hog wild and put some nuts on it, crash.

Congrats on the successful meet, Chief!

Mmm. I am not really sure what most of your last post said, all I saw was “huge bowl of vanilla ice cream.”

what are weighted twists?

MJ, from achives, for throwing thangs, hope vid comes out
Forecast was wrong yesterday, 100 degrees, around 110 heat index.
Early morning, gym with wife

straight bar cheat curls to forehead
hammer curls
ez curl bar
Lying Tri ext
Overhead seated sngle db tri ext
overhead tri ext (rope)
straight bar reverse curls

It was an arm day.

How is the KB experiment going? It took me a while to get the hang of them, but once I did I love them. Fischer is right about the punch at the top. Move your hand around the bell, not the bell around around your hand(for all you Full Metal Jacket fans).