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2012 Comp Season


Tennessee Senior Olympics was by far the best run meet I've attended this year. It was extremely well run and followed T&F rules to the letter. Unfortunately, the throwing areas were behind fences and only the competitors allowed in so no vids and only a couple of pix from another throwers wife. State finals were held in Franklin, Tn and the drive from my place was thru some beautiful farm and horse country.

As I expected I didn't win the shot but was happy to get second. To my very real surprise and only by hitting a PR did I win the discus. I threw my best and a couple of guys who should of beat me didn't. Got lucky.


Congrats Harry! Well done with the PR and placing 1st and 2nd, always nice to it it against good competition too!


Lucky for yawl one of the pix was an ass shot and shows my towel to be plain white with not a hint of pink.


I've been working on really pressing the shot into my neck when rotating. It was so hot ("How hot was it?") that even with my neck and the shot cover in chalk it keep sliding off when I started my turn. So in the finals I reverted to the good old skoot.


So, that ends my Track and Field season for the year. Lot of meets this year. With all the overtime at work it made for a long season (could I get some cheese with my whine here?)Working on a whole new plan of attack for next year in preparation for the National Senior Olympics in Houston. I've got at least one more Highland game this year I'm committed to with several more I've been invited to and may be able to work in. One other pix here. The ist place medal always has a blue ribbon and the 2nd place a red. This "red" looks awful orange to me, kinda like the Tn Vols colors. Think they snuck that in on me. Told them blue and orange were Auburns colors, too.


Great job, Harry, that's fantastic!


Thanks george and Jack. One note of interest I forgot to gloat about, I mean mention. You young guys need to step up. Course by young I mean 50-54. The winner's throw for the shot putt in that age group would have only placed 4th in the 55 to 59 year age group. Younguns, hah.


Good job Bigman.


Nice jewelry. Now you're pimpin!!!!


Ah, that just shows you how they grow them back east. West coast 53 year olds would be kicking butt.

Nice work, winning discus with a PR.


Way to Harry. very good indeed. And of course the towel wasnt pink, you paid someone to photoshop it to white. I understand.


From one Young'in to another, great job.
If I could get to that 300lb MP, I might be able to throw in the top 20 but never in the top 2.
You are in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


Nice job Chief! You earned it!!!


Very nice job Harry, enjoy it.


Very well done, congrats.


Thought about not starting another thread but said what the hell. Someones gotta keep yawl honest. Couldn't come up with no catchy titles so thought I'd add a bit of class by quoten some poetry. I know, not as high brow as "here I sit, broken hearted,...." but the best I could come up with. Went to the gym Sunday morning and discovered I was only weighing in at 229 so had a good excuse to pig out the rest of the day.
Sat down and listed all the lifts I considered essential to throwing. Correction, all the exercises I consider essential to throwing. I haven't done near enough plyos, sprints, or jumps. Gonna start a lot more of those. More explosive lifting, e.g. snatch, C&J. Gonna practice form all year round. Having wild, uninhibited sex with 2 supermodels or one four legged female mammal at least twice a week. (Just seein if you're payin attention).

Work out split:

arms (abs, yeah, right)

Really going to see if I can train hard and serious for a year and make a good showing at the National Senior Olympics next year,

Keep remembering stuff. Just to motivate you. 90-94 year old class at the meet Saturday, 4 competitors in the shot.


90 - 94 year old??? Was it like a Monty Python skit or did they actually throw the shot? LMAO


welcome back. we do needs us some southern charm on this board.

Congrats on the excellent showing at the meet. do you do any kettlebell stuff for the throws, or just the 2 handed oly lifts?


Now that is some bling. Congrats!


First visit to your log. I'm paying attention! Why only twice a week?

Wow, this is really cool stuff. I know nothing about discus throwing, but I'm wildly impressed with your athletic prowess.