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2012 APF Texas Cup Write Up

2012 APF Texas Cup Write Up The APF Texas Cup was held yesterday at the old House of Pain facility in Fate, TX. The venue was originally scheduled with the new HOP location in Rowlett, TX but was changed due to the corporate take over that I’m sure y’all have heard about by now. The meet was put on by Randy and Liz Nesuda who always come through with well run, quality meets and this year’s proved to be no different in spite of the last minute location change. The facility was vacant so there was plenty of room, the warm up room had 4, well equipped stations and there was a concessions stand which sold pizza and snacks which was convenient because we were out in the sticks and there was nowhere to eat nearby. Overall the meet ran very smoothly and the judging was fair and consistent.

I competed in the super heavyweight raw open division. Coming into this meet my confidence was lower than it should have been considering some of the set backs I have had in my training lately; however, I still had a pretty good meet. I haven’t been able to squat for very long due to a lagging shoulder injury so my opening attempt was a very conservative 403lbs which flew up without hesitation. My second and third attempts were 451.7lbs and 518lbs which also flew up like I had nothing on my shoulders. I was a little disappointed with these lifts considering how much more I could have lifted. I am confident I could have come near 600lbs.

I peaked about 3 weeks early on my bench press so after I noticed my strength declining I deloaded until the meet and was uncertain of what numbers I would be able to put up. Because of this, I took another very conservative opener at 330.5lbs. My second attempt of 385.7 was redlighted by all three judges for downward bar travel after the press command. This didn’t happen off of the chest like it normally does, it happened mid way through the lift when I got stuck and then adjusted my elbows to finish the lockout. I took 385.7lbs again for my third attempt and smoked it. I was disappointed with my bench since i generally get a bench over 400lbs.

My last deadlifting session before the meet resulted in me failing on two lifts that I normally would have been able to pull easily only 8 days out from the meet. I was certain that I would do horribly on the deadlift but I actually wound up hitting a PR! I opened with 567.5 and followed up with 611.7 and 661.4, all of which came up quickly and smoothly for a total of 1565.

Hammerfelt was there and was nice enough to hand me off my bench press attempts so thank you to him for coming and showing his support. As long as I live in Texas I will be at the Texas Cup every year. IMO it is one of the best run meets around thanks to the staff and the lifters who compete there.

Congrats on the deadlift PR. I always enjoy reading these write ups.