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2011's Arnold Amateur Comp (New)


New thread since the last one became a train wreck. Let's try not to destroy this one too.

Over All Winner
Matthias Botthof

Super Heavyweight
1. Matthias Botthof
2. Antoine Vaillant
3. David Hoffmann

1. Alexey Lesukov
2. Bures Tomas




Another one of Botthof


Couldn't find any pictures of the comp. I can't access MD's site so whomever can, please post the pics that are over there.



that is all


Has anyone noticed how Lusekovs chest looks wierd??

ok seriously, the Olympia is going yo be pretty tight in the next few years with Centopani showing he is a threat aswell as some of these new guys coming up.



It's amazing that some of these guys aren't pros already.


After I read up on it, being a "pro" is a little misleading. A lot of these guys are already national champs in their own countries. For example, Alexey could get his pro card from winning the heavys if he wanted, but he wouldn't do that (atleast for now) because he can't speak english very well and subsequently wouldn't be able to get endorsement deals in the US. Plus he'd end up sitting out the next few years trying to pack on enough mass to compete with Branch, Kai and the rest.

Botthoff refused his pro card for similar reasons.


Alexey can speak English well... he even has a blog he never updates, which I cannot post because it's on another supplement company website.


This is coming from an uneducated eye, but in this pic his physique resembles a white Flex Wheeler to a degree. Tiny joints, full muscles bellies and crazy shape. Dude looks like a cartoon character, and I mean that to be as high a compliment as a bodybuilder can get.


Plus he looks that filled out at over 6'1. That's some crazy shit.


That competition picture of Bothof is incredible. Although its always cool to see a serious mass monster his physique is just about flawless to me in shape, proportion and how it all flows together just so damn well.


Bothof is a beast! It's actually pretty sad that he isn't accepting the pro card to compete with the "big boys" - atleast for now. He could do some damage! That shot of him with all the overall guys - he just totally dwarfed everyone. He was standing besides Lesukov and looked impressive!

PS. Vaillant was a huge disappointment to me. Anyone know what happened?