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2011 WSM Being Held in North Carolina


Another one in the US! Pretty pumped about this, hopefully gives the sport a little more exposure here in the States!



HM... that's about 7 hours from me....


Seems too good to be true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dates were announced: September 10-13 for the qualifying rounds and 16-17 for the final.


Where can you get tickets?

Or is it open to the public or something?


Its free, events are usually held at venues throughout the city where spectators can gather.


It does sound to good to be true


13 hours from me /sigh

Bit too far! What a shame, if only I had some people to go with!


I'm assuming you get an invite Mike, time to show the world what you can do!

Good Luck!


No invite yet! Im going to Poland or Finland to try to qualify at a Giants Live in August. Ill be there regardless though, not too far from home.


If you're anywhere near NC, a NAS event in Cary, NC on October 15th was just announced!



If anyone is thinking about going and hasn't bought a plane ticket yet this weekend is probably the time to do it. Because of the stupid US debt ceiling stalemate the FAA can't assess any taxes on tickets so it should be a good amount cheaper.

So you don't think I'm some crackpot here is an article for reference:


Sooooooo, anyone around NYC going and need gas money? :wink:

I figured my friend Gerard Benderoth would go but he said he isn't going unless he is competing haha


Officially invited! Got 2nd at Giants Live in Poland yesterday


Congrats, good job and good luck!!!


You know this is pretty insane for me, I live like 8 minutes from Wingate...I got a vacant guest bed room at my house, any takers? $79.99 p/night....damn I cant wait to go to this


Holy ... now's my chance :slightly_smiling:


Well this blows, the dates have been moved and the qualifiers will be the 15-18th and the finals are 21/22 of September.




YESSSSS this makes it easier.


The finals is on a Wednesday and Thursday? That's weak.