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2011 World Start List


hey guys, with the worlds starting tomorrow just thought i would mention some interesting things from the start-list.

rybakov will be making a come back, however he is in the B session.

the 94 A class has only 2 lifters who have posted below 400, which is absolutely insane!! Alexander Ivanov will break the snatch and total record, although i think Ilya ilin will have something to say about it, maybe a great battle.

Ilins rival in the 94s, vladamir sedov, has moved up to the 105s (not sure if its permanent or just to avoid the massive fight that the 94s will be.

105s will be a two horse race, but will be very exciting with Akkaev vs Klokov, im going to bet opposite to what most of you are thinking and give my edge to akkaev. For the 3rd straight year, andrei aramnau is missing...

Chigishev is also a scratch and is no longer on the start list, is this then end for him?? How close to the 217 and 256 will salimi get?


Where can we see the list?

BTW what about the 69, 77, and 85kg guys? :wink:



there was no real changes to the original lists that were out several weeks ago in those categories so i didnt mention them except for rybakov being in B session, 77s will also be great, 4 lifters with a 370 entry total, including the korean olympic champion with the super clean and jerk who will make his come back after being absent for 2 years.


so excitedddd... I hope there's some half-decent streams


I wonder if there'll be any tv coverage somewhere on the planet.


Thanks, tork!

Apparently we sent a 62kg lifter in the A session: Irawan, Eko Yuli (310kg)

Last time I saw him in the prequalification for the national games, he got 136/170 (306) I think.


Eurosport will show every class live, also 94 kilos dont forget Artem Ivanov, he did 409k this year...



The world isolation on Bulgaria's weightlifting continues in full blast. The international weightlifting federation has put a ban on Bulgarian national team and did not let it take part in the world championship in Paris which starts today. The president of the BWF Nedelcho Kolev learnt the news only minutes before the BWF was to pay the hotel accommodation of the team. The ban follows violations of the regulations on doping control. The decision was made on September 14, 2010 by the Executive Committee of the World Weightlifing Federation and was confirmed after no measures were undertaken despite the numerous reminding for the presentation of the addresses of the weightlifters where they could be found for doping tests.
Mr. Kolev added he was ready to take the responsibility on the case by submitting his resignation


Anyone know where there'll be a live stream?




Somewhere on the planet? Sure. In the US? Hellllllll na. You, me, and Andy would be the only people watching it.


I'm just searching for Eurosport streams today, haha.


Me too =D

So far I'm only finding porn :confused:

I used to have a link to a website with a crapload of European sports streams that I gave to my Father-in-law and I'm trying to reach him to get him to send it back to me.


Are there channels other than Eurosport?


And us :confused:



can someone try it and see if it works??



You can thank me later.


Yay! I'm able to get CCTV and caught the end of the last comp.

The next link works too. Woohoo! HUG




The Chinese commentators on CCTV 5 are laughing at some of the misses. I wish I knew what they were saying.