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2011 SPF Worlds Training Log



Welcome to my 2011 Nationals training thread.

I will be competing, way over my head, at the SPF Nationals meet. My traiing for this will consist of Wendler's 5/3/1 program with 1-3 singles added on to the end. At this point I have about 8 weeks of pushing strength gains before I need to back off and practice my meet lifts.

After nationals I'll sit back and reformulate my plan of attack going forward. Despite this being a training log it will full of all sorts of tomfoolery of the type associated with 16 year olds trapped in 43 year old bodies.

This log is pro: eating well, women who lift, SEC football, women in yoga pants, The Chicago Cubs, The Oakland Raiders, forplay, Apple Pie, reading, Fried Chicken, bloody shins, The Marine Corps, sucking it up, grinding out the last rep, holding the door for a lady, BBQ ribs, farmer's walks, ass slapping, doing everything with passion, and that knurl scars and bite marks are the bst evidence you've done things properly.

This log is con: Big Ten football, Tofu, under eating, skinny fat, functional strength, brotards, single scoop ice cream cones, and self denial.

Hopefully you will find the log entertaining because it certainly won't be educational.

Today is squat day, videos to follow this afternoon.


Go for it Joe! Feeling like I was in over my head didn't stop me from doing the USAPL Raw Nationals last year


good stuff...


Sounds like a great plan. Looking forward to watching it unfold!


Can I get a waiver on the No Big10 thing? How about No ACC or No Big East?


How about a Iowa waiver?


Wave 3-Cycle 2-Week 3-Day 4




7x185(+1 rep PR)

295 would have been a +5 PR but it was a hair high.



7x185 Zerchers


yeah a nu log and starting with a PR!
I agree with every single pro and con :slightly_smiling:

now what are you saying in the 295 vid?! "that's a..."


Being as how I live in yoga pants, clearly I am welcome here. :slight_smile: Nice PR!


And seeing as to how I love ass-slapping, this is the place for me.

Congrats on the new log, my friend. Starting with a PR is excellent work. Keep up the momentum!


60 day challenge

12 chins
12 reverse lunges
12 push ups

Tdays cardio will consist of grass cutting if the weather holds.


And since I get my ass slapped a lot, I fit in as well.

Now, Joe. You have every right to be at SPF Nationals. You better start owning that. And quick.


So are we talking about Gatlinburg, TN, on 18 June? What's way over your head? May be some at the meet but it ain't like there's a whole lot walking around at your age and weight can do what you do. Your training going great.


Ass slapping? Yoga pants? Can I hang around here too?

Hit the training hard, broseph


Joe you'll do great and most importantly have a lot of fun doing it. Meets are very motivating, you'll be happy you did it.


60 day challenge

13 chins
13 reverse lunges
13 oush ups


Hi Joe,

I lurked thru your last log mainly for entertainment purposes -- all 45 pages. I'm fascinated how useful I'm finding your video snippets and the discussion surrounding them -- it has me thinking about my form for my exercises. Keep on keeping on.


Gatlinburg, TN June 17th.

I'm going to go up a day or so eary and screw around. Try to stay out of the pancake places until weigh in and then throw my self into an orgy of sticky blueberry goodness.


Thanks, though honesty forces me to admit that mostly I'm a grabasstic bumbler who keeps messing stuff up. I have, though, gotten a ton of damn good advice around here from the ladies and gents who know far more than I do.


Ok Joe, no negative talk in here ! I will see you at Nats! If you need anything let me know. I'm probably lifting too, but women lift on Friday this year, so if you're around I expect to meet you then. If you need knees wrapped I've been known to bruise a knee or two. My son will be lifting on Sat.

Zerchers, good job, have you thought about starting off a box ? and clasp you hands together during the lift will help stablize the "grip" too, but not that you looked like you had any problems there.