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2011 Playoffs 2.0




posting here in spite of gregron





you friggin turds!


Just got in at the end of the 2nd half. The refs right now are trying to hand the game to Miami. They are getting away with some ridiculous shit. Dallas seems to be playing pretty well at least.


^^ That shot of Wade moving his pivot foot was ridiculous


shoulda been a flagrant on Howard...if that foul was on Lebron or Wade the guy would've been thrown out


Right? The ref was right there and he shuffled both feet at least 4 times total. That's ridiculous.


Wrong thread Bros



MIA can't hold a lead for the life of them, let alone play SMART under pressure in the 4th quarter. Probably one of the worst 4th quarter teams (respective to their talent) I've seen.

DAL deserved this game, big time.

What were those dumbass shots MIA was taking at the end?

And Bosh can't defend a guy if his life depended on it.