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2011 NPC Grand Rapids, MI



I've never been to a show, but thought this might be a good opportunity. Guest poser is Branch Warren.

Anyone interested? Is this worth attending??


ugh,.. a little far for me to travel :frowning:




We'll see!


Yeah, I was wondering what you thought. I missed Matt Kroc's comp last year ... thought this would be a good consolation prize.



I'm the guy that designed that website and event poster. I saw the traffic coming from this site so thought I'd pop in and put in a word. I went last year and it was a blast. Mike puts on an awesome show, definitely worth going to and competing in!


Yeah, I'm definitely interested. Not sure what part of MI you're from but GR is but an hour away for me.

I don't really see any reason not to... pending school, internship, job, etc.

I'd say at this point (now that I know) there's a 70-80% I'll be going.


I'm from Grand Rapids myself... it's in Grandville which is a suburb close by, but a good location. Lots to do in the area and I think there's an after party show at a local steakhouse/bar. Anyway I'll be in the audience, I'll look for a guy that looks like an SSC, hahaha.


Northern burbs of Detroit ... so about 2.5 hour drive.

I would like to see a list of the competitors


Gotcha, I'm familiar with Grandville. I grew up in SW Michigan so I'm comfortable with anywhere as far as Albion (towards the east side, haha.)

Yeah I'm thinking I'll be there... although I'll be all dieted down and probably looking like a frail little girl at that point. :confused:

Happen to have a list of people showing up or is it all still tentative?


Ahh, little further of a drive for ya then, haha.

I know there's a couple guys around here from MI, surprised there's not more interest. O well, more room for me. :slight_smile:


Well besides Branch posing, I know Jaimi Johnson is guest posing. As far as competitors, the entry blank just went out so they'll be pouring in. I'll see if I can get at least a partial list from Mike once it gets closer.

Last year the place filled up, probably close to a thousand people with a lot of competitors. I'm sure it'll just be bigger this year.