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2011 NFL Draft


Might be too soon for alot of you, but up here in the great NW the exciting part of football season has been February to August. Excitement usually peaks around the first preseason game, then we all realize that this is Seattle and we are the Seahawks. The only thing worse than this I think is to be a fan in Buffalo or Cincy. So with that said, what/who are you all hoping to be seeing come your way in the draft.

I will start, The hawks desperately need a lockdown CB a great CB and if it by far the best player available, a guard or D-lineman. I had really hoped we would bomb a bit more than we did so we could trade up to grab luck in the first couple.

Now I am convinced that SF is going to sign Harbaugh trade up and he will be an in division rival along with Sam Bradford and probably Cam Newton in Arizona.

But, thats just me cause I like to stay optimistic.

Does anyone know about the top two corners, the one from florida and Prince whats his name? I rarely see either of those teams play


It's way too soon, but I'll play your little game.

The Niners are fucked, first off. They have no GM, the only team in the NFL without one. Harbaugh might end up as their coach next year, but I think their coach will end up being Jon Gruden. His first coaching job ever in the NFL was in SF, he loves the history of the team, he loves the Bay Area, he loves the fans and I think Gruden (based on what I've heard him say during the Niners last couple home MNF games) would love a chance to helm the resurgence of one of the league's most storied franchises. The Niners are probably going to fire their entire coaching staff, even if they manage to backdoor their way into the playoffs. In fact, if they lose this weekend in St. Louis, Jed York should meet Singletary halfway between the locker room and the field and tell him and the rest of the staff to find their own flight home because they're fucking fired. They need a GM and an offensive-minded coach who can utilize the talent they have on offense and mentor either a newly-drafted QB or help Alex Smith learn how to be accurate with the football. Gruden fits all of those molds, Harbaugh doesn't.

I think the Niners should trade everything they can to move up and take Andrew Luck, probably with the first pick in the draft. I'm not sure the Bengals are going to want to take a QB with the first pick, if they get it, because they still owe Carson Palmer a lot of money on his contract, won't want to eat it, and won't want to have two high-priced QB's. I think Andrew Luck is the type of rare talent that they should take no matter what, but it's the fucking Bengals.

Cam Newton is definitely an intriguing pick, but I look at him and can't help but think of Jamarcus Russell. I don't think he'll be that big of a bust, but it's not enough to say that because he dominated in the SEC he'll dominate in the NFL. Luck has all the talents that translate well in the NFL. He's played in a play-action-oriented, pro-style offense, so he's proven that he is more than capable of dropping back with his back to the defense, turning around and picking up his receivers. A lot of these college QB's who play in the spread aren't used to letting the routes develop with their backs turned and then being forced to make the quick decision or the quick progression thru various receivers. It's all right in front of them in the spread, and with practically everything happening out of the shotgun, they don't really emphasize good footwork and sound mechanics that much.

Remember, what has made Vick so much better now is reliance on sound footwork, an improved ability to throw from within the pocket and a better grasp of the play-action fake. As physically-talented as Newton is, physical talent alone isn't enough in the NFL; he may run over LBs and DEs in college, but a guy like P. Willis or Harrison or Freeney is going to hand his ass to him if he tries t run over them. So much of NFL offenses are predicated on the ability to gain big chunks of yardage on first down with the play-action fake, especially for young QB's who the defense is going to be coming after hard. They HAVE to be able to throw out of play-action, or else there's nothing to keep the defenses in check; they'll just tee off on him on every mid-yardage down, like 2 and 5, 3 and 3.

I wonder if someone like Newton, who was basically kicked out of college for cheating on multiple occasions (a sign of a poor work ethic), has the drive to improve on something like this, let alone put in the tape study hours needed. Luck's learning curve is much shorter than Newton's will be and he's a helluva physical talent as well. At 6'3" and about 230 lbs, with good speed outside of the pocket, good pocket presence, a big, accurate arm and a firm grasp of pro-style offenses, I think he's easily the best QB available.

As far as Seattle goes, I was at the game against SF a couple weeks ago, and I can tell you right now what they need is a new QB, not a new CB. Hasselbeck is fucking done. The four worst throws I've ever seen in a game were all from him in that one. Buffalo obviously needs a new QB as well, as does Arizona. But beyond that, there seem to be a lot of bad teams that aren't in obvious need of a QB. Cleveland and Carolina probably want to see what they have in McCoy and Clausen, Tennessee might still go with Young, Minnesota might stick with Jackson and teams like Detroit and St. Louis look pretty set at QB. So I think that one of these teams slotted around say, 8-15 in the first round might have a good shot at packaging some picks to move up to grab a QB.

But I think the real prize in the draft is Andrew Luck, and if he comes out then he should be the consensus number one pick. I'm not sold on Newton and I think a guy like Jake Locker isn't even first round worthy. If a team that wants a QB to build around, I think the only obvious choice is Luck, which means they'll have to put together a big package to move up to the first pick.


I fully agree with this, as well as throwing as much money as we can at Harbaugh to get him as our coach. I will continue to dream about this scenario up until draft day.

...and it's never to soon to begin discussing the draft, especially when your a 49ers fan.


That is my all time worst case scenario, I see it happening in conjunction with Mike getting fired so Harbaugh can get brought in.

I dont think Cam will be a bust, he seems like a competitor, I also dont think he will slip to mid first like Kiper et al. is trying to say.
I had been excited about fairley but based off of some character things I read I am not so sure on him any more

I really should have named this thread something like "things for NFC wEST fans to talk about while everyone else is still playing football"


Harbaugh's an intriguing choice for head coach and I definitely wouldn't be disappointed to see him manning the Niners. His offense is basically exactly what Singletary wanted; physical, power football. With a healthy offensive line and a year of experience for A. Davis and Iupati they are certainly built for it. Plus, Harbaugh's offense has A LOT of creativity in it, especially for a "smashmouth, run between the tackles"-type of offense that it is.

But I think Gruden would be as wise a choice, if not wiser. I think they both are (could be in Harbaugh's case; he still has to prove himself as a coach at the NFL-level) great offensive minds. I think what it comes down to is whoever is the better TEACHER. The big knock I have against Singletary and the rest of his staff is that their talented players (Crabtree, A. Brooks, Alex Smith, Delanie Walker, Goldson, T. Mays and a few others) haven't shown improvement from year to year. I think that is a coaching problem and I think that the Niners coaches are not good teachers of the game.

Alex Smith is a perfect example. I don't think he was worthy of the #1 pick, but he is a talented player. He's mobile in the pocket (although his pocket "presence" is only about avg at best), he has a strong enough arm to succeed, he has the height at 6'5", I think the fact that he hasn't completely folded in the face of the adversity he's dealt with (5 coordinators and Singletary now benching him, then starting him, then benching him, the whole Mike Nolan-shoulder injury thing) shows that he has a significant amount of mental toughness, he's clearly an intelligent guy capable of understanding the nuances of an offense on a level with someone like Manning (that might be a bit of a stretch). The big problem with Smith is that he just isn't accurate with the football and he doesn't get rid of it quickly enough. In the NFL, accuracy is THE most important ability for a QB to have. But it can be improved upon with better footwork and better throwing mechanics. But he hasn't improved in this respect at all. Part of it is his fault, but it's the job of his coaches to speed that process up, and they clearly haven't.

So I think whoever comes in and coaches them HAS to be a good teacher of the fundamentals. Every time I hear SIngletary talk I want to run out there and hit someone and I'm ready to run through a fucking wall for the guy. But he and the rest of his staff are utterly incapable of teaching me HOW to hit a guy, HOW to run through that wall. With as young a team as the Niners have, they cannot afford to have a staff that can't teach the game on an individual level.


Ryan Mallett would like a word with you.


I'd also love taking one of the top CB's with our first pick, if we sign McNabb or Orton in the off-season.


"SI's Peter King reported on Football Night in America on NBC Sunday that Stanford QB Andrew Luck's "current plan" is to stay in school rather than leave for the 2011 NFL draft. King cites Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, who doesn't think Luck will go pro because of his commitment to academics. Should Luck enter the draft, he'd be the consensus favorite to be selected first overall by Carolina. Ultimately, the third-year sophomore's decision may depend on his performance in the Cardinal's December 3 Orange Bowl matchup with Virginia Tech. The Hokies have one of the most talented secondaries in college football."




I heard the same thing earlier this year. Something along the lines of him not leaving college until he graduates. But I think Toby Gerhart said the same thing too.


I still think Luck will stay due to CBA issues, and yes I know WC that could hurt him finacially by getting paid less up front if a rookie slot system goes into place. I just think that Cam will come out along with Mallet etc and Carolina would not take him with the first pick anyway.


I think the Cards will trade down from the #4 slot(or maybe as high as #2 depending on the last week of the season) to get extra picks in the 2nd and 3rd, 4th, or 5th rds. the reason? I think they'll pick up a free agent qb like McNabb, Dennis Dixon, Kyle Orton, Shaun Hill, or Brodie Croyle while Skelton gets a better handle on the offense.
if not I would like them to get Mallet if they draft a qb 1st rd as Luck will be gone by then. if not the later rds will have qbs like Dalton of TCU, Locker of Washington, Taylor of Vir Tech and possibly Foles of Arizona(would look good as a Cardinal) and Weeden of Ok St.
if they do get a good free agent qb and don't trade down they should pick up Marcel Darius to anchor the middle or Da'Quan Bowers to bring the heat from the outside.
of course the Cowboys might want to trade up for Newton and work a deal for Romo.


^ Nice thought but JJ has invested heavly in Romo and he is a Arkansas grad so if he really wanted a QB in the Draft he would stay where he is and take Mallet. So I take it you are a Cards fan? You do not think they will invest in Skelton? Kid is huge and with a full off season may be servicable for the next few years.


Anyone see Matt Hasslebeck hurt HIMSELF for the second time in 3 weeks. He doesnt even get touched, this time doesnt fall down, but hes out for the season probably. Joke.

Hawks need a QB bad, has anyone heard anything about KOlB being up for grabs. Unless Vick shoots a dog in front of the police station, you gotta assume Philly is gonna pay him, in which case what happens to Kolb? It's hard to think they would cut him as much as Andy seems to like him, but is Philly really going to pay two quarterbacks starting money? I would like to see the Hawks do something like this so we can use our pick on the best available, cause we got alot of holes.

Alot of holes.


^ Kolb is under contract next year and is his last year of contract. He will not be going any where with the way Vick plays the game. Hawks are stuck with Charle "the tuna" Whitehurst. Maybe get another back up from another team. They would have to trade a hell of a lot to get Kolb out of Philly. Question would be what would you give up to get him?


Spot on. Philly has him under contract, and has plenty of cap room to carry both QB's. In todays NFL, the QB position pretty much dictates the fates of your team, and as DJHT, having a good back up QB behind Vick is paramount.

I'm sure some teams will try to fire some pretty serious offers to get him, but I'd rather take Orton or Kitna, who will both come at a much cheaper price.


Ive already dealt with a couple of years from Kitna, what is going on in Dallas is a fucking aberration guaranteed. ANYONE who picks him up will be a bottom of the barrel team next year. I was under the impression Kolb had another two or three years which made it more likely, however he is obviously a great trading chip, Philly has been trying to win it all for years now and they seem to be almost there so I think they will seriously entertain getting less than fair value for Kolb to push themselves over the hump.

WhaT do you guys think is fair value for a guy almos in his late 20's who everyone THINKS will be good (not necessarily great) when he finally gets a chance to play.

I know it isnt really likely but, I am a Seattle sports fan, I can either stay optimistic or slit my wrists, most days I feel like doing the former.


Ht: 6' 3" Wt: 218 Age: 26
Born: 8/24/1984, Victoria, TX
College: Houston
NFL Experience: 4th season
Drafted: 2007 - Rd 2
(36th overall by the Eagles)
Salary: $1,196,905

Damn I didnt know Kolb was born in Victoria, hell I drive through there all the fucking time.


I'm the only Card fan I know around here!
I know they will work hard with Skelton. the coaching staff says he's having some difficulty learning the playbook but now he will be working with the starters in camp instead of the backups and practice squad. Having a decent backup instead of Anderson will help the team and Skelton.
Hightower is a free agent so I hope we can keep him. Wells still has not impressed me. if we don't draft another rb McClain of Baltimore, Bush of Oak, Smith of Det, or Norwood of Atl would be an interesting addition. if we do draft a rb I like Locke of Ken, Hunter of Ok St, Murry of Ok, and fb/lb Marecic of Stanford because he will bring attitude.
of course te Williams of Ark would be a nice pickup in the 2nd rd and te Saunders of SC will be a steal in the late rds or as a fa. they might even reunite brothers and pick up te Stephen Skelton.
ilb Matthews of Org has the genes and would be a good mid/late rd pickup as would Bird of TT, and Jacobs of Fres St and olb's Reed of Ari, Daniels of TCU, and Davie of Nrthwstn.


Wow how many picks do the Cards have? :slight_smile: Ive only watched a few games of the Cards, of course this last one against my boys. I have not been impressed with their running game, I had Hightower as my FF RB for awhile.


when the passing game sucks just load up the box and shut down the run.
I'm figuring that they can trade down and pick up an extra couple of picks. 2 in the 2nd rd and 2 in the 3rd or 4th could really help. I'm just listing players that I think could help and that might still be available in the mid to late rds.