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2011 NCAA Tournament


Here we go! Whose rooting for who? Whose alma-mater made it in?



I have Kansas beating Pitt to win it all, but I'm rooting for Texas and I think they can knock off Duke.

Will be interesting to watch BYU. I want to see Jimmer do some heroic shit (even though BYU is a bunch of facist assholes with retarded rules).


How the hell did UAB make it in.

I like Jimmer also, dropping bombs, but hopefully not having sex.


Go Bucks.

Aside from 'obvious' shit, that bracket with Utah State and Belmont, I dunno who I feel worse for, those high seed teams that got shafted on seed(much better than their seeding) or the teams that have to play them(congratulations on your 4 seed, now here's a team that amongst actual basketball people is considered to be a solid 7-9 quality).

This is by far the hardest to pick tournament since I've started trying to(mid 90s?). Even the 1 seeds have some weaknesses that have been shown during the season, and once you get past the top like 6-10 teams there's a group of like, 25 that are completely indistinguishable and equally qualified to pull upsets/make a deep deep run.

I would not be shocked at all to see a 'low' seed win this year, something like a 5-6 seed.


My brother went to SDSU, so the game against BYU yesterday was nuts (not just a good game). Very poetic.

Who are you rooting for, West?


My bracket won't be done until tomorrow, but I'll be backing Pitt (alma mater) yet again.

I'm looking forward to the Temple/Penn State match up though.


I went to UC Santa Barbara so I'm glad they made it in. I won't be picking them to take down the Gators though.

I haven't filed out a bracket yet, but right now I'll take Duke to win it all.


Something must be wrong. I don't see my alma mater anywhere in the brackets. What, no love for Chico State?


My alma-mater SDSU is looking good!! They earned that number 2 seed, but have a tough bracket with Duke, UConn, and Texas in it. I have confidence in them getting to the sweet sixteen, hopefully they can do more than that.

That beat down against BYU yesterday was great. Jimmer is a one man team.

Not sure how Florida got a #2 seed and Texas got a #4 seed.


I attend UK and I fucking hate them and their piece of shit fans. I grew up a UL fan and remain one, so needless to say I'll be rooting for them.

Let's talk seeding; how the fucking fuck did UNC and their 2 wins against the rpi top-50 get a 2 seed?



You heard it here first.


BYU just isn't steady enough. Abouo and Hartsock are good players 75% of the time, but when they tank, one man can't make up for it all. Jimmer's best games come with a lot of help, even the ones in which he shines.

BYU will make it to the sweet sixteen and then get out. That's my call.


WE ARE.... PENN STATE!!! First time we've made it since before I enrolled (2003). Temple's going down.

Oh and I had to laugh... here's what I imagine the committee saying to Ohio State: "OSU, congratulations on your #1 overall seed! As a reward, you get to have UNC, Syracuse and Kentucky in your region. Enjoy!"


I'm sorry you haven't won a bracket in a few years.

/cheap shot


Wellll, Pitt's never been past the Elite 8, so I think it's safe to say she's never won a bracket. I'll probably pick them for at least a FF this year though...they have to get over the hump one of these years.


Yeah. I always get screwed by going with my heart instead of my head. That's why I don't gamble.


If your boys don't make it through this year... =xx

Such an easy bracket, I am definitely jelly.


Today is the day things get rolling, I don't count that first four shananagins.

I want to hear what people will be doing to watch this at work. Any crafty plans? Anybody simply taking the day off? or scheduling a "meeting"?


I work from home, so my status is "Do not disturb - in meeting" all motherfuckin day.


Luuuuucky man.