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2011 NBA Playoffs


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Do you guys all think Rose will be able to carry the Bulls offensively through this series?


After seeing what he did this game, what do you guys expect out of Haslem for the rest of the playoffs?

More of the same?


I think he's capable of it..but if I was the Bulls I wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket. If he has an off night like tonight they lose. That's a lot to put on the shoulders of a 22 year old.

Boozer needs to step the fuck up, dude is the highest paid player on the Bulls and he's playing like shit. 7 points is not gonna cut it. And Kyle Korver 3 points 1-8 shooting is also garbage.


No, and he won't have to because the Bulls are a solid team. Period.

I think how they played the first half, especially the first quarter, getting those easy pts...I swear if Miami doesn't get their act together, they'll be in trouble. Yes, even on home court.

I was kind of surprised at Rose tonight. But you gotta give it to him, even due to sheer athleticism alone, he can create opportunities. And I think he is the quickest player in the league. I can't get over how fast he is.

You guys see Wade's comment that his son dunked on him on the toy basket and said, "Daddy, I'm Gibson!" or something like that?


Interesting because I think it's the Bulls who are in trouble. I don't think Rose will be able to do much against Miami, so unless Boozer and Deng really step up on the offensive end I think Miami will take this series 4-1.

Honestly, if the everyone on the Magic team not named Dwight Howard actually played like professional athletes that get paid millions of dollars to knock down jump shots and the Magic faced the Bulls in the previous round I think the magic would have taken that series. So I don't even think this Bulls team is a serious threat to win the championship. I concur what raj said, doesn't feel right for them to win this year.


IMO the Bulls are in trouble. What is good for Miami is they have multiple scorers (Bosh/Lebron/Wade), but no bench. The Bulls on the other hand have 1 scorer (obvious), but a pretty solid bench. If Heat's bench can perform, we are screwed. If Rose has a bad game, we are screwed. If the Bulls bench sucks, we are screwed. This one could go to 7 folks...


Watched the end of yesterdays game....damn that was hard :(.

LeBron is showing that killer instinct in the clutch in the playoffs this year.


The Bulls bench makes runs with their defense... in fact they are so successful at it that I sometimes think Rose-Brewer-Deng-Gibson-Asik is their best lineup (admittedly some selection bias since that 5 rarely plays against 5 starters). But they literally stop teams from scoring every time they put that unit in... "defensive runs" is how I think of it. If your opponent doesn't score for 7 minutes it's easy to pick up ground even if you are having some trouble yourself.


Hard to be conditioned if you sit out that long. I think we will see spurts of that Haslem, but it won't be consistent.

12 days off between games helps...


So can we draw conclusions about a team like MIA (3 solid scorers, no bench) vs team like CHI (one great scorer...mostly...and a very solid bench) ?

Or are there too many variables to compare like that?

What I mean is, what is the likelihood that A would win over B, not that A will always win over B. We're talking bell curve here.


It's a fairly unprecedented situation (no team that I can think of has had a greater disparity between their best and worst players than MIA - literally 2 top-4 players, one all-star, one role player and 10 9th men). Usually the stars aren't QUITE that good combined, and the roleplayers are better.

That's what makes this series so intersting. The one caveat to me is that the Bulls aren't QUITE the "complete" team until they add a SG who can defend and shoot 3s (they have to decide one or the other with Bogans/Brewer/Korver). If they had a Courtney Lee-type it would answer your question better.


^ I would consider Bosh a FRINGE all-star.


That's fair. I hate the "Big 3" nickname, I call them "Two and a Half Men"

My point more was that every guy who isn't above average is VERY far below it... they have the least amount of average players of any team in playoff history (pretty sure every team has at least a couple).


I'm sorry Dallas fans - you just CAN'T claim your offense looked like this all year. You would have won 65 games. 21-11 early, two consecutive lobs to unguarded Chandler.


The thing with MIA is if they have a bad Def game, they are likely going to lose because it doesn't seem like they can get their other guys putting up the numbers they need consistently. It's kind of like putting all your eggs in one basket always looking for 3 guys to do the scoring. Although having the option of Wade, LBJ and Bosh isn't really all that bad.


Yeah the offense has really only been championship caliber since that embarrassment to the Blazers.


Harden is just psycho tonight. Best player on court EASILY.


All I have to say about the first 46:30 of this game: Fear. The. Beard.


And my comment for the final 1:30 - why is Maynor still in, and is there a chance we actually don't see Westbrook in the 4th at all? JEEZUS. Ballsy by Brooks, to say the least.


The games in OKC will be very interesting. Carlisle will change up his defensive scheme and the Mavs will need to make sure they don't let the Thunder get on a roll at home. The one thing that's giving me confidence in the Mavs is how effective Memphis played OKC last series. The Mavs are better than Memphis so this thing SHOULD go 6.