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2011 Mustang


I'm in the market for a new car, and have been giving serious thought to a 2011 Mustang (leaning towards GT, but even the V6 looks pretty good at 305hp).

I drive a lot for work, and need a car that I can put some serious miles on. Previously I've owned Accords, Volvo S60's, etc. These cars are about as exciting as steamed rice however, and I'm looking for something I can actually enjoy driving.

As a guy who knows dick-all about cars, how have Mustangs historically held up in regards to longevity? (assuming regular maintenance and care)


Paging Prof X, Paging Prof X

Also you can probably get laid more in a Mustang compared to a Honda Accord, now I do not have studies on this for TNation to back this claim. Will wait for X to respond on that.


All of the Big 3 Retro's (Mustang/Camaro/Challenger) offer decent V-6's and reasonable mileage.

I concur with the "laid more' conclusion from Derek, lol.


I will say only this. A V-6 in a Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger is an abomination. God kills a baby turtle for every V-6 "Muscle Car" that rolls off the line.


Todays V-6 engines are fucking awesome. Technology is amazing.

That said, if you can swing the GT, insurance and gas, do it because why not?

I do like the Mustangs out these days. They seemed to go from muscle car to high school chick car for awhile but they do have some sexy curves again.


+1 although the new V6's are much more powerful then even the best V8's of yesteryear



You're right though, nothing beats the sound of a V-8.

Except maybe a large displacement V-8.

I'm hoping to get my car stuff out of the divorce by spring.

I have a Pontiac 400 sitting on an engine stand I'd like to put into something to drive around with.


Whatever. I drive a 11 Mustang. It is the shit. That is all.

Anyone who doesn't understand this year's V6 can beat the V8 from just 2 to 3 years ago is not aware of the facts.


No, I understand "the facts" lol

I still live by "There is no replacement for displacement"- all things being equal. That doesn't mean this year's V-6 will be more powerful than this year's or next year's V8.

Of course, the elephant in the room is the fact that with 305 hp, the new Mustang V-6 is within just 10 hp of the 4.6-liter V-8 that powers the current Mustang GT. How on earth will that play out, you ask? Well, those two engines may actually never be sold side by side, since we expect a commensurately enhanced 2011 Mustang GT to enter the scene around the same time as the new V-6 hits the market late next summer, rumored to be powered by Fordâ??s new â??Coyoteâ?? V-8 displacing a nice round 5.0 liters and producing somewhere north of 400 hp. That should help maintain some distance between the two models.



My first project car was a 77 Firebird Formula. Loved the Pontiac power.


All I know is I've been "raced" by every camarro and 01 (or earlier mustang) and they get beat.

This is all false of course because i would NEVER do anything so wreckless as to race someone else on a bike or in a car.

This has been an X-Enterprises public service announcement.

Eat your vitamins, kids.


You can't seriously make that generalization because you may have road raced a couple camaros or other cars. Would you seriously buy a car based on anecdotal road races? That's not how you measure performance. Car and Driver is sad. :frowning:

Also, you're comparing two different cars with two different engines, weights, performance.

btw, you posted before I got my edits in on last post re: V8 v V6.


Dude, I posted all of the links to the vids in my last Mustang thread. You missed it?


This one?


I must have missed the video where the V6 Mustang eats the V8 Mustang.. Please link

Mustang smokes the Camaro and Challenger (over all). We're not having that conversation, though.


Dude, the Mustang beat all of them in 2011. That was one of the reasons I bought it.


Also, the company itself states the V^ can beat an older V8.



I guess X does know what he's talking about.

vroom vroom


You're not reading what I'm typing.


Read above SLOW POKE.

See, I'm even faster at posting.


I've said it before and i'll say it again.

There is a replacement for displacement. It's called brains and technology.

400bhp from a 5.0 V8 is inefficient as hell.

2012 Nissan GTR makes any american muscle car look like an 8 yr old boy in a tutu.


Yes, an older V8. This is not in dispute (again, go read my earlier post).


"We might have found our minds wandering on the speed-limited straights, but the Mustang had no problem holding our attention in the corners."

"V6 Performance Package" v "V8 GT".

Again, all things being equal........