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2011 Games Timetable (PS3)


For all those who own a PS3, feast your mothertrucking eyes on this timetable for 2011. Start saving up, because it'll be an expensive year.


Deus Ex and Homefront are what I'm looking forward to.


Looking forward to the first SSX on PS3, cant believe they waited so long to release it. Shaun White snowboarding was one of the worst games I have ever played!

Forza on PS3! Really?


gears of war 3 for ps3? only game on the list im looking forward to is uncharted 3, i might try mass effect 2, marvel vs capcom and crysis 2 looks good


dragon age 2, deus ex, mass effect 3.

No release date for infamous 2..


best threesome ever.


i got to play about 2 hours of dragon age 1. looked really good, but have had my hands full with lots of other games.

also, mass effect 2 for the ps3, out in about 3 weeks? and dead space 2?!

and arkham city later on in the year! goodness, what a year ahead.