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2011: Deadlifts, Grip and Presses


Hi Everyone,

I've been a member here for quite a while though this is the first time I'm starting a log.

I don't really like to spit out stats because they don't mean much. I've been training for about 7 years now with 4 of them being with a dedicated goal in mind: to get strong.

I'm not a Powerlifter.
I'm not a Strongman.
I'm not a Bodybuilder.
I'm a Strength Trainee.

I suffer from various shoulder injuries as a result of which I generally avoid Bench Pressing for the most part. My goal is to have a strong Deadlift, a strong Grip and a strong Overhead Press. I've been a Corporate Slave for the past year and some months - but I have recently joined a new start-up in the Oil & Gas sector. My work hours tend to go crazy from time to time so training sessions are missed.

My template can be found out here: http://www.gustrength.com/forum/t-400160/ashiem-s-template

I will begin posting my training updates from this Saturday. My updates usually have videos and such.

I'm not sure how to post links but this is my last video from Wednesday this week and y'all can use this to find my channel on YouTube:

Have a fun start to the weekend, everyone! :slightly_smiling: