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2011 Deadlift Progression 440-557lbs (157lbs bodyweight)


(Sorry about the multi-post!)
My first post here..hope this is the right place for this sort of thing!

Wanted to make this as a "thank you" to John Pinder, for taking me under his wing and teaching me how to deadlift! Thank you John.

Body weight ranged from 155-157lbs in these clips.


Proof that beards increase poundage.

good job and gratz on the beard (since you triple posted lol)


Thanks man, I grow it to bust plateaus :smiley:

Sorry for the first post fail.


haha it's not a problem, you aren't the first and most definitely won't be the last


fierce hook grip brother


Sweeet !


So what did your training look like to take you from 440-557 during the last year? I'm sure everybody would love to read about it.


Thanks you guys!

My training was pretty simple really. Something I didn't do, was any specialty exercises. Leading up to 440ish I had occasionally used deficit deadlifts, bands, rack pulls. Also things like pull-thru's, GHRs, etc. Nor did I do any rep work like I had before.

I pulled heavy singles once a week, but multiple of them. Anywhere from 3-7 singles at 90+%. That brought me to my first 500 pull. After that competition, my knee was finally healed after an 8 month squat lay-off, so I was hungry to squat. I ran Smolov Jr. for squats, and deadlifted singles in the same way during that time. My weights were weak because I was extremely fatigued. After it was over and I rested a few days and got my first 525 beltless. Once I belted up, and rested a week for the meet, I pulled 557.

That pretty much covers it. I owe it to the form changes, and the squats.




Nice progress but nothing revolutionary to get there it has to be said


Nope no secrets, tricks, or gimmicks. Just hard work, and doing what works.


very nice.


This is fucking awesome. Way to go, man.


Awesome work dude. Very motivational!


How old are you? Great progress man, I'm impressed!


I'm currently 23, so I'm considered "Junior". Thanks :slight_smile: