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2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe


What a sweet machine.


Vs the Shelby GT500


VS Camaro Z28


I'll take the Caddy 10 times out of 10.


Meh. Nice car but too wedgy for my taste. Gimme the M3 or M5.


If I were being given one of the 2 I'd take the CTS. If I were paying for it, I'd take the shelby.


German or English FTW. BMW, Benz, or Aston.


When I chimed in there were three choices. If I have my pick, I'll take and DB9.


The front end of that looks horrible to me. Definitely not my taste.


Agreed. The Shelby is just pure awesome.


Could they make it any uglier? No style whatsoever. Blech.


Great minds.....

That shit looks like shit. Is that my barbecue grill on the front of it?

Who wants steak at 60mph?

I do.


When I used to do valet I drove a Shelby....20mph. :frowning:


Well, mine ain't a Shelby....but it sure as hell drives like one.