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2010 Worlds Strongest Man Airs Tomorrow! (12-26/10)


Starting at 12PM pacific on ESPN2


watching right now.


When will the Finals be on?


5-6 Pacific


FInal was so close both with 51.5 points.

Amazing to watch

Zydrinas on the barrel throw was insane, 1st few people were legging it at the very back thought they were gonna get hit

Saved all of them to Sky Player to watch again really inspiring stuff !


I wondered how would it turned out if travis didn't injury himself on the log press or if derek and zydrinas didn't have a quad injury.


Travis was a real champ to be honest.

Went Deadlifting the Car like crazy even with the sprained ankle pure adrenaline must have fueld him.

If the American didn't drop the 120kg Bag he would have won, but those are the breaks.

Edit: But Zydrinas and the Russian on the log press was absolutely off the charts... Zydrinas wasn't even push pressing the damn log 210kg !!!!