2010 Welfare Cost More Than Iraq War


“During the entire administration of George W. Bush, the Iraq war cost a total of $622 billion, according to the Congressional Research Service.”

“President Obamaâ??s welfare spending will reach $888 billion in a single fiscal year–2010–”

If that isn’t the biggest waste of money I have seen, ever. I treat welfare clients. My estimation is maybe 1/100 is useful for basically anything. My biggest PIA patient ever is a woman who was hurt at work, but does receive Welfare benefits. She is about to get arrested for fraud.

Seems like she was coming to my office a lot and putting in reimbursement for mileage. I didn’t seem to know about these visits. She was last there at 9/25/08. She has claimed almost 100 visits since then. She is being investigated now, without her knowledge of course. My new friend at the Welfare office is just grinning like a Cheshire cat over this. Seems that she’s pretty obnoxious there also.