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2010 Q1

Army Tape Test says I’m 23% bodyfat. I have no clue what it really is.

This is my first attempt at an online log.

I am not a little squirt looking for anyone to hold my hand. I am looking for criticism from the faceless masses here.

The longest I’ve ever stuck with a single program of any sort other than what I was forced to do in Basic was Starting Strength a little over a year ago. The only reason I stopped was because my knees needed a break. I could no longer squat 3x a week over 400lbs while running. My knees never stopped being sore and I was starting to developing a recurring pain behind my kneecap that was starting to affect day to day activities. On top of that, I suffered a fall and dislocated my shoulder for the first time in my life. I went on hiatus and never regained the nice pace I was maintaining while on Rippetoe’s program.

Being in the military, I am forced to keep up on my conditioning so my push-ups/sit-ups/2-mile run do not suffer. If anything, I want them to improve, but, I also want to see improvement all over…as in body composition, strength, and performance.

I do not know what my current max lifts are, but, last week I played with the heavy sets and found I could Deadlift 465lbs, Squat 435lbs, Bench Press 325lbs, and O/H Press 185. These are all after working sets, so, I do not know how much I could truly hit. These are not my all time max’s, either, but, right now…I am not concerned.

I want to improve my body composition right now and improve my run speed while maintaining as much LBM as I can. I am planning on working out twice a day, separating my cardio from my weightlifting sessions. Running at lunch and lifting right after work like so:

Running - 3-on/1-off

Rest, rinse, repeat

The leg day I treat as my sacrificial lamb, though, as I need to keep running and now need to start rucking once again.

I am also trying to clean my diet up…but, damn…I like to eat. Cottage Inn, Hungry Howie’s, wings of any sort, the occasional soda…oh,and beer. I love beer. I like to cook. I’ve taught my wife to be an adventurous cook. This doesn’t make it easy to restrict calories or balance my diet. But, I am attempting to…

Anyway, I am now here and my plan is to stick with this for, at least, 90 days. There will be some unavoidable interruptions as I am involved with various competitions and military activities, but, I will just have to adjust around them.

May as well post before pics…to get the embarrassment started.

Not so impressive.

and the last…