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2010 - My Year of Learning


Many of these may be "No $h!T" items but I'm a hard-learner, and a few could just be specific to me...enjoy and share your own lists, cause who doesn't love lists?!

  1. I am not a hardgainer, if I pick a program and stick to it I get results...schizophrenia (however it's spelled) is a bad thing in all parts of life

  2. Focusing soley on weightlifting is the only way to make good gains, getting sidetracked with marathons, tris and mma do nothing to help strength/size gains

  3. It takes gaining a couple bad pounds to put on a few good pounds

  4. Rowing is the greatest way to fill out an XL Tshirt, Pressing doesn't even come close to helping this issue

  5. Dips wreck my shoulders, no amount of Pressing (flat or overhead) destroys my shoulders like dips. It's a great exercise, but not worth the damage it may be doing.

  6. Squats bulk my upper thighs but not the muscles closer to the knees, only Deadlifts and push presses appear to really work that area. I'm a "taller" lifter 6'1" so that may have something to do with it.

  7. Dumbbells are superior to Barbbells to putting on size, while barbbells are better for pure strength than Dumbbells. Obviously this isn't in all cases and it's good to incorporate both

  8. Bodybuilding training is more fun than powerlifting training, greater variety of lifts, shorter rest periods, etc...

  9. I can press sooner after a Dumbbell workout than a Barbbell workout

  10. I love training, the most basic way to improve yourself every day.



am i really going to be the one to have to say it? really?


you have been training on and off for 12 years and this is what you have learned?


What are you talking about?


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I assume one could learn very much about fellow T-Nation members during a good, thorough rub. :wink:


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How long have you been training?




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what are you talking about?