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2010 Mr. Olympia World's Strongest Bodybuilder


Hey I've been looking everywhere online and I can't Seem to find the results of the 2010 Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder at the Olympia this year... Does anyone know who won and (being greedy) does anyone have a link to any video of the competition?


Stan won by a landslide as predicted and Ben wasn't able to get a bench due to an injury on his opener.


Stan won, like 624 BP and 800 DL

Ben failed BP hurt his pec and DL 700


I was bummed. All of the smack talking from Johnnie Jackson and he didn't even compete. I realize he was in the 202 show (I think) but, he never backed up his mouth. Stan would have still won, but I would have loved to see it.


Johnnie said he wasn't going to compete months ago. He likely had obligation from his sponsor to compete in the Olympia vs a lift-off that might get him hurt(see Ben White).

He's not a 202 competitor.


How badly was Ben's chest injured?


A possible tear. He showed some bruising and pulled a conservative(for him) dead lift the next day with a wrap on his biceps. Didn't seem too worried about it so hopefully for his career it's minor and won't cause any deformity.


Had his bicep wrapped the day after during the DL and while it was difficult to see in the video Palumbo and Ben quickly discussed some dark bruising on the pec. So probably a minor tear?

Ben said he felt something pop but didn't seem to concerned about it.


lol we said like the same thing, jerk :stuck_out_tongue:

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My nickname was Quick Draw McGraw in high school... but I don't think this is why :frowning:




628 bench, but yeah stan killed it.

Ben wasn't hurt too badly from what I heard when Dave Palumbo interviewed him, they wore single ply bench shirts....Stan is beast though. He said he can't wait til Robert Burneika and a few other guys turn pro so they can really give him a run for his money.

The video is on the internet, you just need to find it, above clue is "Dave Palumbo."


Probably should have read the below posts because I said the same thing for the thirs or fourth time....ahh I missed the minor bruising. He will recover quickly though, me thinks.


How much do you get out a single ply shirt?

Or is it a completely different animal and not even really comparable?


Who knows, Stan said 20 pounds, he did bench 606 completely raw before so that's not too hard to believe. I think the event was sponsored by Inzer hence the shirts. IMO I'd rather have seen it completely raw, but someone has to pay the bills.


Ben deadlifted 700 like it was 225.


Stan also said the shirts were more for their protection than anything else, and that if Ben wasn't wearing a shirt he would have probably been hurt a lot worse (I'm not an expert on shirts of PL'ing in general so I'm not sure if it's true - I'm just quoting what Stan said).


i don't get that at all.... protection?? if that were the case raw lifting would just be way too dangerous for any of us to compete in it. as it is, i feel like i take my life into my hands everytime i lift without a supersuit:)

IMO, i think geared lifting is much more dangerous. When i compete i usually have geared lifters on both sides of me in the flights. I usually put my blinders on hoping to not see a seam burst and all that weight come tumbling down.


If it hadn't been for the shirt, he'd have been using less weight.

It also seems to me that a shirt makes you a lot more likely do dump the weight. You'll see raw guys miss lifts, but I can't remember seeing a raw bench guy dump a weight.


Does that happen a lot?

And DD, what do you mean by "dumping the weight". I can assume I know what you are talking about, but I hate assuming.