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2010 IFBB Detroit Pro


1st Place - *Stan McQuay

2nd Place - *Daryl Gee

3rd Place - *Tricky Jackson

4th Place - Mark Dugdale

5th Place - PD Devers

*Top three qualify for 202 Pro Showdown


There are no pics anywhere and it's driving me crazy AGHHHHGRGRGG!!


^^There are a few videos posted in the LiveSpill


Daryl, one of my fav pics at the show




Wow smart one videos ARE NOT pics!!!



dugdale should have been in the top 3 at least








What were the reasons for Stan getting first?


Why don't you ask the judges?

If someone writes that someone should come in first or in the top three, I would hope they can list WHY.


Yeah I mean he looks good but I just don't see it. Tricky looked great and Daryl came in looking thick but Stan winning?


there were links posted to the Pics as well :slight_smile:

(actually all the pics in this thread are from the links)



Ill come right out and say it.

Both Daryll and Tricky look too good for Stan to be coming out in first place.


^x 1,000,000


Theres a video on another site of the top 6 callout and only him, mcquay, and gee stood out to me. I thought he looked better than Tricky. Dugdale's legs though are admittedly way behind tricky's.


Here's Daryl and X already posted the Stan shot for comparison.


Has a much better midsection than Daryl, conditioning seemed about equal, better poser, and is taller which makes him look a lot bigger. Also, legs look slightly better to me.