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2010 Draft


I listen to NFL serius sat when I am in the car everyday. I was listening to an interveiw with Javier Arenas and he stated that at 5'9" 190# he maxed bench at 435#. I was impressed for a conerback. Anyway my team is the Cowboys and I hope they move down out of the frist round and pick up another 2nd round pick. We need another lineman and a safety.


Damn. Too early I guess have to wait until next week and bump. Just in case any wagers on who goes first?


Sam Bradford. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/370701-nfl-draft-sam-bradford-officially-a-st-louis-ram


Bradford #1

It's more interesting to predict what team will move up and blow up everybodys draft board lol.


I agree, was begining to think that no one was interested yet. What about the new format? Really messes up my normal BBQ for the draft.


I don't like College Football, so I have little interest in the draft.

All I know is that Dominic random African name is a beast at DT.


college football trumps professional football any day of the week


I look forward to the draft every year, and am extra excited this year since my 49ers have two picks. I hope Haden falls to us at 13 and then I would like to take a tackle, maybe Anthony Davis, at 17. A lot of talking heads are predicting that we might take CJ Spiller, who I would also be very pleased to have.



He's shown enough in workouts since the injury to warrant it.


I look forward to the draft every single year. my teams the bears so not too much going on for the draft this year but i will still diligently watch, cant wait for all the "unexpected" things to happen.


So nobody had anything to say about Arenas benching 435? I mean how many guys on this site at his size bench 435?


^^How many guys on this site are in the NFL? 4% of college athletes make it to the pros. You don't accidently get in.

You have to be either really big, really fast, really talented, or a combonation of at least 2.

Hopefully the Texans improve. I don't care who they get as long as the best 11 improve.


What I ment was the weight lifting aspect, we all lift here (well I at least hope). I am an avid football fan. When I was listening to him this just really impressed me for a cornerback. I mean if he runs a 4.3 40 doesnt really impress me but throwing up 435 at his height and weight was impressive. I am sure there are guys on this site in powerlifting that can do this, but can they do the other stuff?


Reggie Bush benches 450. So do several college running backs. Some of these guys bench over 300 in the 11th grade. Check rivals once in a while and this stuff will surprise you a lot less.

As proof: http://rivals.yahoo.com/footballrecruiting/football/recruiting/player-Michael-Dyer-72082;_ylt=AnBBXjBwh0YaHgfQwDB.RoxGPZB4


I don't believe weight room numbers unless I see them on film.


^The combines are too focused on numbers anyway, they only show potential and current levels. Nothing about ability on the feild. (cept for the 40 maybe)
Something like that eh? Still...the numebers impress


gotta agree if they were so important the raiders would win the superbowl every year. College game tape and interviews with a regard to maturity are far more important


I dont always trust print media or internet. But when the guys says it out right that I will believe or of course see film. Highschool and college football players are known for improper technique and I guess that is what impresses me. Because I really doubt he is using wide grip and powerlifting arch etc.


I listen to Serius Sat everyday. Most of the GM's they interview only really think of the combine as a medical clearance and interview session. While those numbers are nice it counts for about 5% of there true draft ability.

During the interview he was saying that once he figured he was not getting any taller he was going to work his ass off in the gym to get wider. Just a really cool kid during the interview.


Any of you that follow the draft in detail have probably heard about Athletes Performance Institute, a top training facility for early round draft picks. The preparation they provide is the best in the business and I have always been fascinated by there success, as they were fairly secretive about their practices in the early going. Below is the link for an awesome video that goes inside API, and shows you what it's like to train there, and how they prepare the athletes for every facet of NFL life.