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2010 Crossfit Games - Live Video


Crossfit is doing their competition now in CA. The free video they are doing right now is almost ESPN quality- it's HD with commentators, interviews, instant highlights, etc...

I remember in some article or forum post I read someone said "Crossfit makes girls hot and guys small." A lot of hot girls, not so small guys :slightly_smiling:

Really entertaining stuff. I could see this being on ESPN 2 easily. It's just as/more entertaining than the strongman stuff.

edit LINK: http://live.crossfit.com/




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From looking at the crossfit live stream, crossfit deserves it's on post on whatwhitepeoplelike.com hahahaha.


Maybe watching the girls compete, but at the end of the day most of the events are like watching a KB competition, pretty yawn inducing.

Plus, most people here would at least be able to finish the crossfit workout, except for maybe the power/clean handstand pushups on rings WOD which was ridiculous. Professional strongman stuff is in another realm entirely.

The competitive crossfit guys are studs though and crossfit gets shit on, but those guys are extremely well developed muscularly, in shape, and strong.

I'm a fan of crossfit once again. I still don't like the scenesterism and crossfit wannabes, but I saw some inspiring performances.


the people who competed in this competition arent your "average crossfit guy/girl"... these people are in this competition because they are the best in the world at crossfit. For the most part they are ex athletes who didn't make it in their respective sport.

You should go to an average crossfit gym and look around at the people who are there. they aren't going to look like these guys. one or two might but thats about it


Check this link, The girl in #1 is Emily Riddel. She is my good buddies younger sister.

She recently did overhead squat with 140 for 3 reps.



All I could think the whole time.


I might get flamed for this,but im getting intrested in it myself.


their hands are burning! Their hands are burning! LMAO


It was just the 1st heat for the women's final event, which was a pretty tough little triplet of workouts, 7min then another 7 min then 12 minutes with no rest in between. It was about 30 min of climb over a wall, do some OHS, then some rope climbs, with some pushups, and knees to elbows. The poor girls were about dead at the end of it and nobody finished them all. It was awesome.

Now the men are up and they pulled out the 95lb barbells. Typical crossfit and I'm going to do something else.


GOD DAMN! Those 'toe to bar' things they are doing is pretty sick.


You could say the same thing about 99% of gyms in the world when talking about bodybuilding/powerlifting. You don't go into a globo gym, look at all the fat people, and then judge bodybuilding by what you see there. You judge bodybuilding by what the truly dedicated, hardcore lifters do. Same with crossfit.

^^ If you want to see some bigger weights, check out the rest of the workouts they did on the previous 2 days. 305lb deads, 205lb cleans, 1 rep max shoulder-to-overhead. This is the final event over the course of 3 days, so these guys are pretty toasted at this point. This is also the 2nd event of the day.
Previous workouts done over last couple of days: games.crossfit.com/blog/2010/07/individual-events-announced,669/


Well, now that the announcer just equated what the crossfitters go through to that of what a gladiator goes through in the the Colosseum.....I'm outa here.


I'm not sure I agree with how readily they dub these guys "the fittest guys in the world."
Like, winning these games makes you the "fittest man alive."
Now, BBers aren't fitness people and neither are strongmen IMO, but I think winning these games makes you the best rope-climber-muscle-up-doer etc man alive, not necessarily something as ambiguous as "fitness champion."


^true. Many of the movements require technical skill, like the ring handstand pushups and olympic lifts. But there isn't any other competition for simply "fitness" other than crossfit, so until then I think it's a pretty fair statement. At the worst it's just blatant self-promotion, which isn't the worst sin in the world.


yeah I know that. i've done crossfit and I have A LOT of friends who do crossfit (it was pretty common with a lot of the other SF guys in the Navy)

What I'm saying is that these guys who are big and jacked didnt get that way from crossfit. They got that way from being oly lifters, or college football players who never made it professionally. They've built a huge base with traditional weight lifting routines and now transferred over to crossfit.

your post didnt really address my post but just brought up other points. What I was saying was talking about the OP's statement about the guys he see's on this live stream not being small.


it is kind of just self promotion the way they claim "fittest man on the planet" but pretty accurate IMO. The winner of this definitely has a legitimate claim to that title. I would venture to say that the gold medal in the Olympic Decathlon would also be able to claim the same thing. Thats really the only other type of competition to decide that title.