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2010 College Football


Okay maybe somebody can inform me how Ohio St is ranked #2? I thought Texas would be lower, due to unproven QB. Big Texas fan here ready for College football to start.


Still waiting? WC? Print? Wol? Somebody has to have an opinion.


I was going to start a similar thread, but you beat me to it.

I'm ready for the foozball to start as well.

Ohio State is ranked number two, I assume, due to the way the finished last season and that fact that they have a large number of returning starters.

I'm not sure why Texas is ranked that high either. They lost several key players on defense and have to replace their two top play makers (McCoy and Shipley). I think Gilbert has all the physical attributes to be very successful, but he needs to prove it. The BCS Title game didn't show or prove anything to me.

I tend to think Texas and Florida are ranked high by default. There aren't really any teams that jump out at me as being really good. If a Boise State or TCU was ever going to sneak into a National Title game, it would be this season.


Ohio State still has a pretty beast team, and they have six defensive starters returning- remember the hurting the Buckeyes put on Oregon? They have got the personnel to run the hell out of that 4-3 defense. Brian Rolle and Ross Homan are both monsters at LB. I am a big fan of their defense obviously, they make great use of hybrid positions. They've got the offense this year to be really really dangerous.

For my team (BAMA) I hope the defense is ready. Only one returning starter on defense. I have faith that Saban will have them prepared. Offensively, I am stoked. Julio Jones will be healthy, Trent Richardson should have a great year, Ingram will keep punishing people, and McElroy should step up as a leader.


Yea I was kind of waiting for you to start it also. How does the Sooners look? Is Landry going to be the QB? Anybody pushing him?


For the reasons you mentioned (only one defensive starter returning) I have a hard time seeing Bama win the BCS Title game. They won several close games last year because of their defense.

It's so difficult to run the tables and damn near impossible to do it two years in a row.


I'd like to start watching some college ball. Anyone know a website where they can be watched? When does the season start?


Sorry brother I dont know this answer. Good luck, college is just as addicting as NFL. If you ever get to the states, dont waste your money on an NFL game, go to a big time college game. Cheaper and much more fun.


I'm not sure what to expect from them this year. Some of the guys I listen to on the local sports talk who follow OU and OSU seem to think that Oklahoma will be good. 10-2 (some have 11-1) is the record I keep hearing. Stoops has been almost giddy (as some of these guys are saying) about this team, although publicly he has kept a level head about expectations.

Defensively, I think OU will be pretty stout. Their linebackers (assuming they stay healthy) could be very good. Like, maybe the best linebacking corps Stoops has had, which is saying quite a bit.

The offensive side of the ball is what concerns me, especially the progression of the offensive line and receivers. Both areas were abysmal at times last year (partly due to catastrophic injuries in the O-line).

Jones will start and should have a good season. A serviceable O-line, which intern leads to a productive running game, will definitely help take some pressure off of him. Last year he had no O-line and inconsistent receivers and still managed to put up the numbers he did.

OU does have a true freshman QB, Blake Bell, who has all sorts of hype surrounding him. Stoops has stated that he will not be redshirted, but I believe Landry will be the man for this season.

I won't even get into the gawd awful kicking game.

The potential is there to have a really good season, but the team will need to prove it to me.


Yea, I am not expecting a BCS Title from them this year. The only returning defensive starter this year might not even play due to investigations. I do have a lot of faith in Saban, and a lot of the defensive guys have been playing under some damn good players. I think they could win it all if everything goes their way all season long. So I don't expect it.

Texas, offensively, is going back to smash mouth football. Everything I've read has said the team is excited as hell about it. Running the ball can be a lot of fun if all you're used to passing. I think that and also a 25-2 record over the last seasons helps their ranking significantly.

Boise State should be dirty this year.

edit- redstar, have you check espn360.com? espn has got to have a place you can watch some games online


The first game of the year is on a Thursday, 2nd of September. I'm not sure if there are any internet sites that allow one to watch games.


Red River this year will be kind of weird. We have had Colt and Bradford battle for a few years.



Shit my bad forgot about this Redstar


I know that is what Texas is attempting to do. Gilbert is more of a pocket passer and a "traditional" QB. The problem with all of this is that Texas has questions at O-line, much like my Sooners have. Despite the success the Longhorns had last year, they were horrible running the ball. Colt McCoy was the running game as he would often make plays with his feet being flushed from the pocket or on a rare QB-draw play.

And oddly enough, Texas has not had a big name running back in several years.

I may be wrong, but I think Texas will have some growing pains this year. They will still be good, but I think it will take them some time to get this new offense on line.



After the first few minutes of the first game last year, I said "Well, there's always next year."



Last year was a total disaster.

There is no way it could get any worse, could it?

knocks on wood


Sadly I have to agree, D coordinator gets the best out of his kids. D backfield will be solid. I have been waiting for the next Ced Benson for a few years now. Who knows maybe baby newton will be the man.


Dont know which is worse, you QB gets hurt at first of year, or you go to the Big game and gets hurt in the first quarter? Then you have to hear all year from your family who are SEC fans give you shit because your Big 12 team lost.


You can easily counter the jeers of your SEC supporting family members by pointing out their team didn't play in the National Title game, unless they're Bama fans.

It's one of the more retarded things I have seen sport fans do; cheer for the conference even if their team isn't playing.


No my family is all over the south, Tennesse, Georgia, Florida and LA. So they have to talk about how much better the SEC is than the Big 12 and all this shit in the off season has not helped. Honestly it is good natured family sarcastic fun. It just sucks cause if Colt would have played I really think UT could have won.