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2010 College Football 2.0


Thread killer in the house!!!

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If I remember correctly you love Stanford, followed closely by Boise.


Haha exactly!

I'm probably not going to any bowls this year. I'm going ok vacation from the 19th to the 30th and won't be in the state. You going?


The Houston Bowl is Baylor v. Illinois, Yuck. Looks like I'm staying home this bowl season.


What's not to like about 2 hot babes fishing with a storm trooper?


^^Dang man a Level 5??? do you buy a shitload of Biotest stuff or what?


There is nothing not too like.

Back on topic...


so is there anyone in here who is NOT picking Cam Newton to win the Heisman?


I'd like to go see navy but I probably won't. Busy time of year.

Oh and there is no better player than Newton this year.


Yes, my bias side will be picking Andrew Luck for obvious reasons.

My reasonable side, however, will agree that Cam is the logical choice.


If harbaigh stays luck has every chance to win it next year


I'm hoping the 49ers get both.


Don't jinx Jims move to Michigan dude.

Didn't the miners have a shot at Toby in the draft?


I don't think he should win but I would be willing to bet all the money in my bank account, my car and my motorcycle on the fact that Newton WILL win the Heisman.


He'll win it even though he doesn't deserve it. My question is, will they do the same with his award as they did with Bush's?


Boomer Sooner! OU wins its 7th big 12 title, out of 15 years of big 12.
pretty fucking dominant


I think so. I think they'll eventually "find" new evidence and vacate wins and all that crap just like what happened to Bush/USC but who really knows? It took them years to figure out the Bush thing. I think the NCAA is messed up. There is no checks and balances.

With bush they basically couldn't find any real hard proof/evidence so they said 'we can't prove it but we think you're lying... So here's your punishment.'

Then with Newton they say 'yeah what you guys did is against the rules and you should be ineligible... But we'll let it slide this time.'

What a joke


yea NCAA rule enforcement is a joke... cam was the feel good story of the year this year so they pretty much let him slide... if you read the SEC commissioner's quote it was pretty much that


Did you just emerge from a nuclear shelter or something?


Nossir, I've just had an incredibly busy handful of months.