2010 Chico WABDL Disappointment

This is a video of the 2010 WABDL California State Championships on March 20, 2010. My buddy Larry and I both cometed in the 242 Class 1 division, he pressed and I pulled. This was his first meet while I’ve been competing for a number of years now.

Both of us went 1 for 3. Larry opened at 473 and missed at lockout. We bumped it to 490 which he hit, and then missed at 507. I could tell he was rather nervous and uneasy being on stage and infront of people. Nevertheless, for is first meet he was pleased with the result. BTW he finished 2nd.

Myself on the other hand, pretty much sucked ass! My plan was to open at 551, then 585, and finally attempt a new PR at 607. Well the weights felt heavy on the warmup platform. I opened at 551 and had to hitch a little at the end, which is why I got one red light. I think I’m actually pretty lucky they gave me the lift. So that hitch got in my head a little. I bumped up to 585 and shockingly couldn’t get it past my knees. This absolutely threw me in a tail spin. The weight felt like 1000lbs. I knew I couldn’t make the weight on my third attempt, and was proved right. I am totally disgusted with a 1 for 3 day, and a 551 deadlift. I finished 2nd but could give a rats ass about that. That is the lowest deadlift in a few years.

But this will serve as motivation for improved training, rest, and dieting now.

Sometimes you’re a diamond, others a lump of coal. Don’t sweat it too much, every one has a bad day now and then. Did you do anything different in meet prep this time? maybe didn’t taper your volume soon enough or cut more weight than usual (if at all)?

I learned some things about deloading and CNS fatigue from this meet. My gym held a very informal bench press meet the night before which I didn’t think would negatively affect me that much. But I guess anytime you get jacked up (nose tork, back slapping, etc.) it will tax your CNS. BTW I won the bench press though.

I thought I tapered my training enough. I only had to cut 5 pounds. I didn’t like waiting all day to lift (I got to meet at 11am to help Larry, we didn’t pull until after 6pm). But htiching on the first pull definitely got in my head. Also, I couldn’t pull barefooted which is how I train.

all of that sounds like it would have taken its toll on you. 7 hrs between when you arrived and started lifting, the mini meet the night before and the psychological effect of the miss on your first lift would all have been enough to cause a bad day. dont worry about it man, your next meet you’ll kill it

My last meet was 3-9! shit happens man.


Thanks for the words guys.