2010.5 Goals

For all you people who posted 6 months ago in the 2010 goals how are you doing?

I am at 13-14%% bf at bw 227 still ways to go before I see 8%

I am right around a 4.90 40 yrd run
( have no clue on sqauts )-been real foucusing on my deadlifts and working on my weakpoints.
flat bench is right around 295x12 should see 315x12 in 6 months

Still making effort to be a better/husband/Father

Business opening is going faster than planned. Way faster.

New goal: Want to start a Website for us like minded individuals and to have an online business from it.

Posted before:

General goals:

  • Throw farther and/or higher in all my events than last year - accomplished
  • Divise the best lifting system to meet my needs - not yet

Specific goals:

  • qualify for 2011 Senior Olympics, Houston, Tx - accomplished
  • Set shot/discus record for 55-59 age group, Alabama SportsFest - accomplished
  • Get A rating in a non-age rated highland game - not yet
  • Place at open T&F meet - accomplished twice
  • Clean and Jerk 315 - not yet
  • Strict MP 305 - not yet

Awesome job Harry!!

Are your MP seated or standing ?

My main ones were bench 700, pull 700, and get an effen job. Closer and closer to them each and every day:)

Harry, you are a very impressive specimen.

250 bench 350 squat and 450 dead in the gym… then atleast 225 bench,350 squat and 450 dead in a meet by mid spring
oh yeah and I want to keep my waist below 38 inches as measure by air force fitness standards

Thanks Fischer, always do my mp’s standing.
Pete, probably consumed enough alcohol to perserve me in a jar. Dual 700s, damn.