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2010-2011 NBA Season


The NBA is too good not to discuss year round. This thread is for people that want to do just that. Will the LAKERS three-peat? Will the Heat blow everybody away and win the title? Will the celtics get redemption and squeeze out one more championship? This is gonna be a great season!

on paper, The Heat should blow everybody away but im still not convince that they're the team to beat. That team is still the Lakers. IN tomorrow nights opener, IM picking the celts over the heat and the lakers blowing out the rockets.

Note: This thread is only for the regular season. Come playoff time, our fellow TNation member (the one with the thunder avatar) will take over as he does every year.


I agree with you about the Heat not being the team to beat.

They have A LOT to prove this year. I'm sure they're gonna be a very good team this year but they can't be the favorites when they havent even won a game yet.

Lakers have to be the team to beat. Back2Back defending champs and 3 straight finals appearances. This is going to be a great year in the NBA.


I'd be more bullish on the Lakers if Bynum showed any signs that he's able to play a full year. He's got game but he's one injury from Yao Ming territory.

I'm tempted to say the Heat are the team to beat, but the title has to go through LA since they've won two straight. Also it's easier to get through the West playoffs than the East. The West may be a deeper overall conference but the East has more elite teams - the top-4 teams are probably Magic/Celtics/Heat/Lakers.

The Bulls could be frisky but they won't make the Finals.

This may be the only time we watch two top-5 players play on the same team in the middle of their primes. Wade's pretty injury prone though, if he goes down LeBron is basically playing on another Cavs team that has one good sidekick (Bosh) and a bunch of piles of brick. Good time to be an NBA fan.


good post.. yup.. if the Lakers and Heat make it, I'd be like the east vs the west in the ALL-star game.


STEPHEN CURRY IS A GOD (stuck in a child's body)!!!!!

When I'm not rooting for my ridiculous Golden State Warriors, I'll be pulling for the OKC Thunder. I think there going to do some nasty things this year.


yeah the Thunder are legit. I think it's gonna be Lakers and Thunder in the Western Conference Finals... they're a scary good team.



Wade already got hurt during the pre season. He seems to be a bit injury prone and it wouldnt surprise me at all if he went down with an injury. (actually I'd be laughing my ass off. I like Wade and hope he doesnt have a serious injury but the look on LeBrons face would be priceless)


OKC could be really nice in the west, probably missing a piece to really take on the Lakers now, but will def be a force, and will be in the West finals. Celts can take on the heat, assuming everyone stays healthy seeing as part of the team is basically a geriatric ward, and assuming Delonte West doesn't try to shoot the place up. I think that if there is good chemistry between all the big men on the Celtics, by the time the playoffs roll around, it will be hard for the Heat to beat them because there will be a lot of guys coming on and off the bench.

However, the bulls may really be the best team in the east, now that they have Scalabrine...


I said it in the old thread and I'll say it again here: OKC is the future of the league, not Miami. But, they're at least 1 year away from being the best team out West and more probably 2 or 3 [I'm thinking 2]. However, people seem to forget about Portland. I don't like that they moved Webster and Outlaw 'cause both provided an awful lot, but they brought in Matthews and still have some major pieces. Brandon Roy is one of the top 5 guards in the league and is coming off an injury plagued season. Expect a big year.

If Oden can ever be on the court for longer than it takes for him to break a bone they'll be a serious challenge to the future OKC dynasty. Yes, Miami has 3 of the top 20 players in the L but they have no depth, little defensive size [Big Z does not count], unkown chemistry and only one ball. I'm really interested to see how they gel.

As of now I don't even have them coming out of the East. Having said all that the Lakers are still the team to beat, and they still have the best player of our generation who's coming off of TWO injury riddled seasons where they still won the chip. He spent the off-season getting healthy. Bynum needs to get [and stay] healthy and they have to work in the new pieces but I like their odds. A healthy and motivated Kobe Bryant - even one who's 32 - is really dangerous. Lakers over Magic in 6.


whao!!! lil to early to give predictions no? lol

lebrons new nike ad.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boCctx8mLBg


There is one thing I know for sure. The Heat will NOT win the title this year. This has got to be the most overhyped team I've ever seen before they even play a game. I think it's Boston or Orlando coming out of the east. Lebron will lose again.

The Lakers have a cakewalk back to the finals in the west. They're stiffest competition will be OKC and maybe Portland but neither of them have the depth, experience or length to upset the Lakers. It's just a matter of who are the Lakers going to see in the finals: Orlando or Boston? My gut tells me Boston again.

The Celts beat the Heat tonight in the season opener.




What is up with that Nike commercial?

He takes shots at Charles Barkley and MJ (with that hall of fame speech thing)

How much money has MJ made for Nike? I cant believe Nike would air that commercial with that shot at Jordan in there considering how much money MJ has made for Nike and continues to make (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than LBJ ever will)

After seeing that commercial I want LeBron to do even worse now. I actually liked Bron Bron will the whole "Decision" BS and I dislike him even more now.

Did anyone see the article on ESPN about the Cleveland Radio Host who hired a witch doctor to put a curse on LeBron? He used blood, bones and a James jersey to do the curse lol. (the link actually has a clip from Sports Center that has Lebrons new commercial if you havent seen it)


I don't hate LB like everybody else does. He didn't do anything wrong leaving Cleveland and everybody started talking shit. So this ad is aimed at those people that were talking shit. Nike doesn't give a shit about the past. Lebron James is the present and future so nike is gonna take his side.


I'm a Heat fan and I don't even like how LeBron James handled it. His former team was forced to wait to know whether their franchise player and face of the city[and Ohio] was going to return to the team. If he knew he was going to leave he should have been more professional and let them know instead of waiting til about the last minute and announcing it on a TV show.

I don't think the Heat will live up to the hype but I'm happy to have LeBron and Bosh lol.


Go Raptors! If we can outplay the nets for last place in the Atlantic I will be happy.


Haters gonna hate


Go Heat!


so far this game feels more like a playoff game than the season opener.

Shaq's missed a couple gimmies (signs of old age. They woulda been dunks a few years ago. Just as I say that he throws down a thunderous dunk on the fast break... thought the rim was coming down on that one lol)

Rondo is killing Miami right now. I almost forgot how good he is.


Heat look sloppy already. I imagine it will take them some time to mesh well with each other. Boston could be a legit contender this year.


I don't remember ever seeing a regular season game that felt like a playoff game. The crowd is reacting like if its the NBA finals.