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2010-2011 NBA Season 2.0


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Quickly I'll weigh in on this LeBron "will he be hated or loved debate", since I've already talked so much about him. Just a few points:

  1. The Kobe thing -- no one is saying what Kobe did was the worst thing ever, what's pertinent in this comparison was the PUBLIC PERCEPTION OF HIM AT THE TIME, whether or not that perception was fair. And, let's be honest, he was straight-up toxic after that alleged rape. Advertising companies dumped him en masse, the NBA stopped promoting him for a while, but he eventually rebounded because...

  2. ...in the end, I truly believe 99.99% of sports fans just want to see greatness. At least NBA fans. People by and large watch the sport to see the great players, the highlight plays, the huge moments of excitement. I think IF LEBRON EXCELS, The Decision will be largely forgotten in time (outside of Cleveland).

Ironically, from a historic standpoint, I think he'd actually be better off if the Heat were nondescript for a few years and out of the news (like Kobe's mid-00s Lakers teams), because it's easier to forget if you are out of the limelight for a while. So if he just continues being one of the top-3 most-talked-about players, maybe the hate will never subside, and IMO that's the only way he remains so villified.


This will be the new NBA thread. I feel scj119 posted more in the other thread so he deserves having the honor of starting this thread.


im a knick fan and i hated that lebron didnt come to NY, but i still love him bc hes so good


Honestly I didn't even know there was a "who has the right to start new thread thing"...I just really wanted to talk about the LeBron thing and the old one was locked! lol

Anyone watch that Magic-Celtics game 2 nights ago on MLK day? Really good game, Boston's D clamped down in the last minute for a big home victory. But it was really back and forth the whole time I watched... the East is a 4-team race with CHI, BOS, ORL, and MIA. Chicago needs to prove they are in the top tier but I think they can do it if Booz/Noah can be healthy at the same time.

And don't talk to me about the Hawks, they have the same team/players that flame out every year in the playoffs.


Blake Griffin is averaging 2.3 dunks per game. Thats nuts man!

Big matchup with him and Kevin Love tonight... a couple of double double machines. What're the chances that Griffin somehow gets traded to the lakers (like Gasol did)??? Maybe we could offer them the water boy and a couple bench players that never play... they're the clippers so maybe they'd be dumb enough to take it :slightly_smiling:


sj119, regarding my pick of Andre for East Centre--I`m from Toronto. Dwights the best Centre in the League, but hey.

I`m still going to have to take some internet points away from you, unfortunately.



I think Gettnitdone has a crush on you


A good scout recognizes a prolific ballhandler


Demar DeRozan is going to be in the Dunk competition this year.

Fuck yeah!


Apparently Peja has reached made a 3 year contract commitment with the Mavs



Peja used to be the best 3 pt shooter in the NBA at one time when he was with the Kings. It's a shame he's been plagued with injuries most of his career (back, knees). I really think he plays best when he's with other euro style players and Dirk it just that. Hope it works out.


Wow, the Raptors lost by 40 points tonight.


Anyone see Rick Fox on Big Bang Theory?


Man, I switch offices that limits my posting time, and this thread goes to the 2nd page!

Recent thoughts:

  1. John Wall is someone you HAVE to see in person. Good god, that guy is fast with the ball. Thinking of going to Magic-Wiz next friday to see him again (and Dwight in person for the 1st time).

  2. I'm amazed/impressed the Bulls have the 3rd best record in the East despite Noah and Boozer only starting the game together 9 times this year

  3. Blake Griffin is so impressive, I'm thinking of buying $100 lower seats to see him in person in Washington, even though I paid less than 20 to see my own fav team (Bulls). When is the last time someone has said that about the CLIPPERS coming to town?

  4. I have never seen anything like this Wizards team. They beat the Jazz and (healthy) Celtics at home, but are still 0-20 on the road (recent road losses: Bucks, T-Wolves, Bobcats, Sixers). And the thing is, the Verizon Center home crowd is blatantly awful, it's not like they should have a huge homecourt advantage. Truly bizarre.


Sj119 what line of work are you in?


I do Investment Analysis for the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)

Basically, a bunch of companies want to build tools that will help reduce flight delays in the country, and it's my job to tell the gov't which technologies are worth their cost.

Edit: The reason my posting in this thread has gone down is that our office location has changed, and I've moved from having my own office to having a (highly visible) cubicle, so I have to actually pretend to work. Can only post on my lunch break and after everyone leaves (i.e. when I get back from the gym).


Are you a CFA?


I'm not sure what that means, so probably not.


What do you guys think of this Alexis Ajinca? Raptors just acquired him never heard of him before.


Chartered Financial Analyst

It sounds like you are of a similar educational background to me (Finance and Econ major). CFA was a designation I've always been curious about was going to ask you about it, but not anymore :P.