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200mg Test Twice/Wk. Safer to Cut Dose in Half?

I realize after reading that i’m not exactly on TRT at all.

My trainer set me up with 200mg cypionate twice per week. Ideally I want to be on a dose where i can have good gym results, feel amazing, higher sex drive and good erections. Also, I dont want to cycle.

With that being said, i’m thinking of dropping my dose in half from 200mg twice per week to 100mg twice per week. Is this a safer level to be at and is it safe to cut my dosage in half? Will I experience a time frame of feeling worse?

200 is most likely healthier than 400 (99 + percent chance). This should be in pharma. Did you have blood tests before hand? 200 may only have you a slight advantage, and May not be worth the risk.

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What is the risk? I deffinetly dont want to be on such a high dosage if I dont need to be.

Plus I dont want to cycle on and off.

I forgot to mention that I never go blood work but i’m thinking of going to the doctor and just tellign him I’m taking testosterone and HCG on my own and have him check my levels. It’s worth the scolding he will give me.

Typical TRT doses are in the 150-200mg range. You’re wise to reduce you dose. Try 200mg for 6-8 weeks. Assess how you feel and pull labs for TT, FT, E2, SHBG, PSA and check lipid panel.

Thanks for the reply…

Will my regualar doctor be able to pull these labs for me? It’s nothing special right? I assume I just need to tell him that’s what I want.

Do you think I will experiance any unpleasent effects from cutting my dose in half? Also is this a safe dosage to not cycle and stay on year round?

I’m 41 years old and I inject 200MG of testosteron Cypionate twice per week (non perscribed). I have been on this dose for 9 months and I dont cycle on and off. This is a 2 part question.

  1. I notice every so often that my nipples are consantly hard and itchy. Someone recently turned me on to Arimidex AI and started taking 1MG every other day. I just took my first pill today. Is this a good dose? is it safe and can I run it side by side with the cypionate and not cycle off of it?

  2. When I first started taking the testosterone (9 months ago) I noticed great erections and a high sex drive which was great since beofre the TRT it was pretty low. The great erections and high sex drive has subsided in the last 6months or so. My question is, do you think this is a estrogen issue and the arimidex will clear this up or is my TRT dosage too high?

I also inject 250IU of HCG once or twice a week.

Without blood work you are flying blind.

400mg of test a week is a cycle. It’s not trt or t-replacement.

Itchy nipples are a sign of high e2. So is the erection issue.

1 mg of adex eod will crash your e2. If you continue, get ready for the suck. I’ve crashed e2 and it is miserable.

Get Bloods Done

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I’ve been wondering, is self-prescribed TRT really TRT? Going without a Dr, often without labwork, doesn’t sound like ‘therapy’ to me. Regardless of dose (400mg is almost certainly too much).

Anyway, I know some countries it’s hard to get, sometimes it’s a money issue, but when I hear therapy I think Dr is involved.

I’ve been on prescribed TRT for 3ish years and never had bloodwork done by him besides pre-TRT labs (my choice). I do my own blood work. By your definition I’m not on TRT and I guess you wouldn’t be wrong. Personally, unless you have a legit badass doctor YOU need to know how things work, what issues are possible, how to read labs, what labs to get, etc in addition to regular doctor visits. In the end it’s your body and no one really cares about it but you. TRT itself isn’t something most doctors are going to know a whole lot about especially the ones that don’t have years of experience and many patients under their belt. They know more than some person who takes 1mg EOD of Arimidex because they have erect nipples (at least let’s pray to God they do) that isn’t aware just how big of a hard lesson they are about to learn.

Dude that Arimidex is going to fuck you so hard you’re going to have a much better understanding of that scene in Pulp Fiction (hint = ball gag, chair, cop). The only difference being that guy only had to get fucked the one day. If you have legit gyno (which you likely don’t) Tamoxifen is a much better alternative that doesn’t risk crashing your estrogen and the month of pure hell that comes with that.

HCG could be negatively effecting your libido. You could try stopping it and giving your body time to adjust (couple months) and is bet your libido returns with a vengeance. If you’re taking it for fertility you can just save it for 6 months before you are ready to conceive.

When you said “200mg twice weekly” I took it as 100mg x 2. If that’s not the case then that’s what you should be doing because 400mg for 9 months isn’t ideal. You’d likely feel better on 200mg total.

Yes I’m injecting 200mg on Wednesday’s and 200mg on Friday? Should I drop it down to 100 on Wednesday’s and 100 on fridays?

Will that be lowering my dose to quickly if I do that and will I see muscle go away?

Ok quitting the arimidex . I’m not sure what you mean by it will fuck me so hard but that scares me enough lol

Not worth it

Your right. I was working with my trainer and I told him that I wanted a dose low enough that I wouldnt have to cycle and would still give me optiomal performance with body and gym.

The dose i’m on is what he reccomended. I’m in the US

I’ve got no prob with blasting n cruising, so it myself, but a 400mg is a pretty high ‘cruise’ dose. Might have better luck doing periods of 200mg then up to 400mg, just for longevity sake

I’m thinking of injection 100MG twice a week after reading all of this? With that being said, do you think i’ll see muscle loss?

Also, is coming off 200 twice a week to 100mg twice a week safe or do I need to taper down slowly?

Repost cos I saw you were taking lots of AI lol. But anyway yeah you’ll see plenty of muscle retention (and gain) from 200mg weekly. Don’t know where you were at naturally, but you should be fine in that area.

Is just drop to 200mg weekly at once

Low e2 is a fucking miserable feeling. Not to mention e2 has so many anabolic benefits you’re missing out on gains by blocking it so much

Today was my first day taking Arimidex but after reading the terrible stuff about it, i’m not taking another pill ever again unless I have to.

What made you decide to do the 200mg once a week instead of 100mg twice a week? Everything i have read states that Testosterone has a life cycle of about 3 days so you will have major fluxuation with once a week injections. Thoughts?

Yeah just went back and read the AI thing.

Anyway, I mean drop to 200mg weekly split into two 100mg doses. It’s a solid plan. Wait 8 weeks and see how you feel

Do you think i’ll feel any withdrawl effects of cutting my dose in half? Ive never done that before.

Thanks for all your feedback