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200mg Test E Weekly?

Hey guys so 200mg weekly of Test E is the sweet spot for most athletes. Now, I’ve been told at that dose it can be run for 15-17 weeks before a PCT is needed. However, i’ve also heard this is on the higher end of TRT and can be run long term.

Anybody have any advice on this dosage? Also would an AI be needed?

PCT will be needed regardless of length of cycle. 100mg Test. Cyp. per week is standard TRT.
200mg per week is a cycle dose for most men. However, this does vary depending on the person, but I personally 200mg would put me above 2,000ng/dL Total Test and Free Test over the ref. range as well. SHBG is a big factor; the healthier you are, the more likely your SHBG will be normal (mid-range). Some have very low or very high which will effect the testosterone you are injecting.

You may not need an AI. I personally would need an AI if I go above 120mg Test. Cyp per week. Always try to dose your cycle to avoid the need for an AI. AI have bad side effects such as decreased insulin sensitivity and decreased IGF-1 production.

What, exactly, do you mean by this? 200 mg will put most people at or slightly above top of normal range. So, from an athletic standpoint, what would be the point? You cannot pass a drug test on any level of exogynous test, so why do just enough to provide no real advantage? If you want to do a cycle, do a cycle, don’t screw around. 200mg is a VERY standard weekly TRT dose. And I’m going to be blunt, you’re best helped by ignoring anythong @TRT_Phoenix has to say, he doesn’t seem to have a clue about anything - based on his posts to date.


No it fucking isn’t dude… What do you consider a cycle. Medical literature concerning abuse typically states athletes use 10-100x a standard replacement dose. Furthermore one study (if I recall correctly) using many men on 200mg/wk for reference found the avg TT to be about 55nmol (so 1500)… This isn’t a dose worthy of “cycling” unless you’re an endurance athlete and/or athlete trying to cheat without crossing over test/epiT ratios (absent of carbon isotope testing)

One study found a large portion of participants using 2.5mg/kg test/wk for 3 wks still came up negative for abnormal T/epitestosterone ratios.

Many guys use 200mg/wk for TRT. For some it’s too much (very high TT/FT, edema, uncontrollable polycythemia etc) others 200mg gets them to 800ng/dl or so.

Same can be said with results, some guys will gain more on 100mg/wk than others will on 200mg/wk. Generally 200mg isn’t a cycle, 300mg is where cyclic dosages typically start.

You actually can if it’s just testosterone/epitestosterone ratio testing.

Untrue, androgens supress SHBG, many on TRT/AAS have low SHBG in relation to this variable alone. Then there’s genetics, some genetically just have low SHBG. Finally, SHBG doesn’t dictate what protocal you do best on

Low SHBG is CORRELATED with numerous medical ailments, but correlation and causation are two very different concepts. Some with low SHBG are perfectly healthy… But if you’ve got insulin resistance for example, chances are you’ve got low SHBG.

The whole SHBG dictating inj frequency fiasco is probably bullshit.

I’ve been on 185-200mg for years and it’s been great. You can run it for forever if you want. If you are only going to be doing 200mg for 15 weeks don’t expect huge steroid level gains but over time you can develop a great physique. After being on it for a while and comfortable you can cycle higher dosages if you so choose. The chances of needing an AI are slim to none on that dose.