200mg Cyp. Anastrozole?

Doctor said I could take it if I feel high estrogen. However. I’ve had breast glands removed so that indicator is not available for high estro. Not sure how to tell if estrogen is high otherwise. He said I can do .5mg twice a week if wanted when estro is high…but I don’t know if it’s high estro.

How to tell if I need it? Should I take it and see what happens ? Rather not add more meds to the mix like AI. IM FEELing rather fine. I’m 1 shot away from being into my 4th week of 200mg weekly split into 2 shots. Should I give it some more time to see how I feel ? Not sure if I really feel the full effects of TEST yet either.

Edit: Thinking of giving the test some more time to really stabilize in my body before I take AI… it’s only been 3 1/2 weeks since I started. To early to tell eh.

It’s way too early to be making any decisions regarding protocol efficiency, at 4-6 weeks hormones become stable and more time is needed (8-12 weeks) to assess how said protocol is working.

If you don’t feel fully optimized when you’ve given the protocol enough time, simply lower your dosage, no AI needed.

Your body won’t fully realize the full benefits of TRT for 1-3 years. The bone density improvements will take the longest.

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Unless you just want to get an idea how low e2 feels, then no. Google high e2 sides, see if you have any. Confirm with labwork, then take a small (.25mg at a time) amount of AI

I say dont worry about estrogen. Most of us dont. Once you start taking an AI you wont be allowing your body to do its thing because you’re interrupting its course. So again, worry about other things.

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