200mg a Week Frequency Breakdown, What Would You Do?

If you guys could pick any of the following splits for 200 mg a week total test enanthate, what would you pick and why?

28.5 mg daily
57 mg every 2 days
86 mg every 3 days
114 mg every 4 days
143 mg every 5 days
172 mg every 6 days
200 mg every 7 days
228 mg every 8 days

everyone is going to respond different, depends on how you feel (blood work) and what youre comfortable with. I don’t like pinning frequently so once every 7 days works for me.

What dosage every 7 days? Do you feel any different closer to injection day?


Depends on the work load and week honestly. I have a very unusual schedule but if I work say 21 days after day 18 till 21 when I get my shot ill start to crash and be more irritable than normal.

I also don’t like to pin that often so I do every 3 days. I feel no crash as my levels feel as though they dont fluctuate too much.

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I pin EoD. My testosterone is a blend of 100mg enanthate and 25mg propionate per ml.

I use 0.5ml EoD, that puts me at 218mg/week (about 175mg enanthate and the rest is propionate).

Every 2-3 days (3x per week, mon wed fri) for me

200mg e7d… it’s simple and cheap

Over the long term less scar tissue build up from frequent injections, I don’t have problems with sides… it just works

However I’m thinking of a test/primo cruise

Like 150mg test 125mg primo or so for a long time, I don’t want to cycle for a while at this point… not till I’ve figured my shit out

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My protocol for a while now has been 28.6mg/day and I’ve felt the best on it by far. Libido seems to be the highest it’s been and I’ve tried every injection frequency before going to daily. There was a noticeable difference between EOD and daily. Obviously your results may vary.

IM or SubQ?

I am at 100 mg every Monday and Thursday. Usually in the morning. No fluctuations, no problems. That’s up from 185 mg a week on the same schedule. Not sure it feels any different.

What’s your shbg @dextermorgan?


Did both but am currently on and prefer IM


How the hell do you feel good with such a high SHBG?

Your body just defies all hormonal logic! lol

Dude 39 is not high if anything it’s mid range. I’d argue ideal range. The people that have major issues with every little thing are the ones with SHBG </= 20. The guys with SHBG >60 can have issues but nothing near what low SHBG guys report. With an SHBG of 39 I don’t have to deal with any of that crap.

200mg every seven days. I feel good all week.


I take far less but prefer 2x per week. 140mg puts me in top of range… 1100+ and FT just below top of range.

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@dextermorgan so we are similar. My SHBG is around 31. I’m gonna try every protocol and report back. Maybe I’ll start with daily and see how that goes.
A side note for needle discussions. I find using a 26 gauge instead of 25 gauge actually causes slight pain. I usually feel nothing. I think the small gauges create too much pressure.

The SHBG shit is… bullshit, you can feel good with an SHBG of 30 or 300 if other hormonal parameters are adequate


Does anyone notice how libido is affected by fluctuations or lack of? Once every 7 days crew vs everyday crew. What are you guys saying?
I want the craziest libido possible :smiling_imp:. Muscle wise I got huge even before TRT with test levels of 320 ng.