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200mg 2x/month Injections - Interesting Results

I’m 40, 236 T, 200lbs and a big mtn biker. I found I had low T 3 years ago.

I was on androgel but switched b/c that stuff gets everywhere and it was having effects on my wife (periods) and 3YO (hair on legs). Even though I followed the directions, folks need to know that 12hrs later it can still rub off–for me, it was the sheets.

Thus, on to injections - 2x/month, 200mg and experiencing the crashes about 3d away from the next injection which led me here. I’ve read and have found the reco’d change in protocol.

My dr did a blood test the day of my shot and the next day with some eye shocking (for me) results:

Day of shot: 236
Next day (24hrs): 907

What a wild emotional and physical ride. I couldn’t sleep the nights I received the shot and was a mess for 2-3 days… ok for the next 7 then crash.

The point is the swing with the final nail in the coffin: do not take 2x/month intervals.

Dr. Radio (Men’s Health) reco’ed every 10 days.


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