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200lb Physique Competitor 2 Weeks Out - Opinions


Well.. i coldnt do my rrgular 90 to 120 mins of cardio a day cause had to go travel.
Im 6.05', 17 ,5 arms, 31.5 waist, 17 calves, 17 neck, 198 to 200 pounds, count Im white as a ghost, see some flabby in lower abs bit i think it can be gone in 14 days.. what u think?


Really top heavy, but great chest and arms. Lats look like they need work.


hows your gyno? Dont even try to say your not assisted its a dead giveaway. Try to work on optimizing and perfecting your pct. Cuz that little flab on your belly could be some bloating and water retention from your gear. Do you take nolva?


you're really fucking stupid.

  1. He has no gyno. That's complete bullshit.
  2. I'm not seeing excess water retention either. Or 'belly flab'. Quit trolling. You're just throwing 'pct' and 'nolva' out there because you read about them on a forum, but don't really know what you're saying.


This. Not seeing any gyno. Good look OP, and yes I think you'll be able to tighten up your midsection a bit more with 2 more weeks to go!