200g Carbs a Necessity?

Is necessary eat every day +200g carbs? Actually I need to gain 3300 kcal (190 lbs). I heart that if you want to build muscle you need at least 2g carbs every day.
I normally eat 140-160g P, 150-200g F and rest is carbs. And I all my carbs at dinner. Do really people trying to build muscle eat more than 1g per lbs of mass? I mean it really optimal?
Doesn’t matter just calorie surplus?

It is not necessary.


There are essential fats (ie, fatty acids):

And there are essential proteins (ie, amino acids):

But there is no such thing as an ‘essential carbohydrate.’

tl;dr @T3hPwnisher is correct.


As long as you’re in calorie surplus you’ll gain weight. However if you’re aiming to add mass why deny yourself tasty carbs? I actually find a high carb diet is better for maintaining/cutting weight too as it makes it means I can train much harder (though this could be psycho-somatic I guess).

In my case, I’ve found I enjoy fats more than I enjoy carbs.

I’d rather eat fatty meat with veggies than lean meat with rice/potatoes.


I enjoy fat too. Actually i even don t need eat carbs a few days in row. But everywhere is written " if you want to build muscles you need high carbs". Jason feriuggia, Ch. Thibs. But after eating carbs í feel bad and not have energy. I am typical skinny fat boy. I can easilly gain fat, but gain muscles is impossible for me. I tried keto, if, 3, 4, 5 meals. And every time i gain either fat or nothing. I want to have a body like " man". Every time someone tell me, i am slim/skinny, but a train hard, i am stronger than others. Even my friends who have never train have better body.

Check out Jon Andersen if you want to look into low carb muscle building.

100% me too.

I could eat a massive omelet with veggies stuffed in it for every meal, + breakfast meat of course.

Or, a big steak and veggies or salad.

All I need. And digestion is perfect.


I’ve eaten this way for almost 10 years now. No carbs outside what’s found in green veg, squash, nuts, and dairy. My mistake was thinking that eating that way would give me enough protein after I started lifting. When I added in whey and later creatine, my body comp came around and my workouts are over the top now. Wouldn’t change a thing.


A chinese irishmans worst nightmare


In good chinese restaurants, veggies/protien dishes are served first and the meal is finished with a carb- which isnt even nessecarily rice

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I dont think ive ever been to a “good” chinese restaurant


I meant good ones in China

I dont think Ive ever been to “China”


China is a great place for a holiday.

You should consider it.


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Man, I am the opposite of you guys. If I didn’t give 2 fucks, my day would look like:

Breakfast: toast with jam (no butter), sugary cereal w/skim milk (full fat milk is too strong)
Lunch::pasta w/ tomato, garlic, onion, capers, olives
Dinner: lean steak w/ plain rice on the side.
Dessert: ice cream, chocolate (ideal fat source lol)

I need to force down meat at lunch and eggs at breakfast.