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2009 USAPL Raw Nationals - Who's Competing


It's a little over 3 weeks away and I can hardly wait for it to get here. It was a great meet last year and I had a lot of fun.

I will be competing Sunday in the open and masters 242's.

Who else is competing, if so what weight class?


Goodluck Phil!!


Thanks, Mike!


I'll be there as well. I'm competing on Sunday in the 275 Open class.


275 open as well, im going to open with 1350 and hopefully kill myself.


I'll be there too, also lifting in the 275 class.


Good luck Phillip!! Also, don't forget the videos and pictures.


I really couldnt care less about bench or squat. I broke myback a year ago and my only goal for this meet is to pull somewhere in the 770-800 range.


Thanks, JT! I will for sure have video. My wife/videographer goes to all my meets.


Wish I could be there all three days, but I've got prior obligations.

I'll be there, competing Friday in the 198 class.

Brent, don't hate me. :frowning:


I was planning to attend - last year was great - but I will be at the NAPF Pan Ams the following week instead. Have fun and SINK YOUR SQUATS!!!


I plan to be there:)


I'll be there. I'm competing in Junior 165.


Mike Mastrean is competing in the 242s.


Thanks buddy!


Betzinger too. I have known that kid since he was like 15. He's come a lonng way.

Should be a fun weekend. Good luck to everyone.


hey, open 275'ers, what are weights are you guys shooting for at the meet?


This is like the cool people's meet huh?


i plan to open with 650,500, 650...



Was gonna go until I hurt my back and wasted over a month rehabbing it. That put my plan to qualify for the Arnold on hold until next year. Oh well - I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the meet results and say hi to Dan for me, Matt =p