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2009 Sportster Bike for Sale


Okay been trying to sale the wife's bike and not getting any luck. So WTF anybody interested?

2009 1200 Sportster
1700 miles




Thanks Mods for changing title, I dont ever do this, but I thought why not.


That's way better than your original thread title, "Anyone want to pay to ride my hog?"


True but I didnt want to place an "Ad" like craiq's list if you know what I mean. That is not what this site is about. I just thought maybe someone might be interested.


Riding hog is EXACTLY what this site is about.


So you want a ride?

I will do you a solid as a friend.


Is that the same as "living high on the hog"?


No that is getting a high hard one.

Okay somebody make me an offer damnit


Specifics my friend...

Kind of pipes? Screaming eagle or pythons looks like.

What stage is the kit for the air cleaner/fuel (if aftermarket pipes)

Upgrades other than the bags?

Ever been dumped?

Stored winters?

If stored what type of winterization was done?

Pm me if you want.

Edit: is that the 3.3 gallon tank?


Standard pipes, no after market done, been in a garage the two years we have owned it. Just replaced the battery like a dumbass did not get a correct charger for bikes. Yes 3.3 gallon tank. Bags, grips and pegs are the only after market done.


LOL at winterization in Houston.

I put a Facebook thing up that a bike was for sale, I'll let you know if it gets any interest, for a small fee of course. Jk about the fee.


You better only be selling a bike because she got a new one!


Nope we still have mine, and she is just going to ride behind me instead of her own.


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whats your bike?


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^^figured you'd at least post a pic of a bike Push. The babes will do. Ok, now I see the bike. lol


2009 HD Crossbones