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2009 Pics


I posted a thread a few months ago of my physique previous year

One of my goals was to add 10 lbs and I completed that goal. Just want to share my new pics. Any comments are appreciated.

My strength stats are
BP 275 lbs
SQ 365 lbs
DL 400 lbs

My BW is 185 lbs at 6'. I estimate my BF on 9%.

Next year my goal is 200lbs with 9% BF. I am considering a steroid cycle in the winter.


And a leg shot


Good physique!


Looking good man, you might be even a little lower than 9 %.




23 yo


I’m willing to bet that you are sub 8%. I was 190 at 7% and I had less def then you.


I would agree, you are well below 9%, looking good man.