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2009 OCB Spirit of America: Teen Champ!


Here is a shot of me winning the Teenage class this past weekend (April, 18) at the 2009 OCB Spirit Of America. I also nailed the top five in a Mens class which was huge and very competitive, and will put a picture of that one up, but keep in mind the teenage class was my main objective.



right on man

but hey dood can you keep all your stuff in one thread instead of starting a bunch of different ones for the same pic?

just a thought...really no prob with me except I'm bouncing around all these different threads posting where it could all be at one lol


yea...2 threads is fine I guess, but when you make three 3 threads about the exact same thing it comes across as attention whoring :wink:


Yea, it should be like the "Mr. Spirit of America" thread.


Hahaha yeah my bad guys, I wasn't sure how to do that at first, but I got it now.

And heres that other pic.


The guy on the right does not only look tan, but he basically looks black lol. Anyways, good job man.