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2009 Members Suck


Are there any cool 2009 members? I haven't noticed any.

If you're a 2009 member and you think you're cool, speak up.

If you're a pre/post 2009 member (post would be really neat) and you know of any cool 2009 members, speak up. If you don't know of any, agree with me so I can feel loved.

It's almot half way through 2009 and thus far I'm disappointed.


I can't stand the 2007 class, the bunch of Danny Tanner wannabe mofos. Except for the ladies. I always like the ladies.



Im pretty sure Rape weight is a 2009 member. Seems like a cool and Knowledgeable guy.


That was a good year up until about mid-year, then things got nasty


DB's just jealous that we wouldn't let him hop on the Bob Saget avatar train when it was in full gear. :wink:


hey i'm a 2009 member and i think i'm alright. i'm consistent with my training, and i can write decent sentences.

and i'm overcoming minor adversity: see my ankle rehab log - http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/blog_sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_log/ankle_rehab_log

yeah i know broken ankles are common, but it's my first time.


There seems to be a couple of new members with their heads screwed on. Some Clown guy was giving out good advice the other day. By my standards as least.



2005 members rule.


2006 doesn't really stand out as anything special. They are kind of the Millard Fillmores of T-Nation.



I am a 2009 member. And I think you suck.

5' 10" 3/4 188 pounds 10% BF. 415 Raw Bench. Do I still suck?


Remember when most of the threads had at least one Saget avatar? He was everywhere!!


Real T-men don't brag.


I am not bragging. Its a fact. I work my ass off for what I have. Not some lucky genetic freak. Those are the idiots that brag.


depends on how close to real life your e-numbers are. I bet my e-numbers can beat up your e-numbers.


What next year books?


Yup, you're in the non-cool group.


LOL, e-numbers, isn't that what they put in cheap processed food?!



If you really want to go ahead, but I'm not giving you anything for it.


I'm really a 2005 member in spirit.

But yeah, Lanky, I did notice most 2009 members just don't quite match the vibe here.