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2009 Log

Year end goals:
Squat 300 lbs
Romanian deadlift 400 lbs
Leg press 800…okay, I really want 1000 lbs
Bench 200 (goal met September 27th)

Week of 07-01-2009
Squat 105
Deadlift 155
Leg press 400
Bench…crap, I forget…I think 105
Notes: This was basically the first week of squats. Lots of weak support muscles. Need to work on grip for deadlift. Leg press was done the day after the main leg day and can probably do another 50 easy. First time on the bench in years. Form and endurance sucks. Cardio totally sucks…recovery time between sets is horrendous. Biking 20 minutes most days and jogging 2 laps M-Th.

Week of 2009-07-06

Leg press: 450 lbs
Squat: 115
Deadlift: 155

Felt like I could leg press 500 lbs, but ran out of time before the break. My squat and deadlifts were both done on a day I was really tired. I missed squatting down far enough a couple times. Deadlifting 155 was easy. I tried 175, but was too tired to maintain proper form.

Week of 2009-07-13

Squat 115
Deadlift 185
Leg press 550

Squat was done with more emphasis on increasing the weight of surrounding sets. Deadlift was done with hooks. Leg press was only 6 reps at 550 lbs with only a warm up set at 250 lbs…heart could’ve done more, but legs were too tired after squats and leg press.

No bench this week. I did tons of assisted dips instead of bench and presses.

No cardio done this week.

Week of 2009-07-20

Squat 115
Deadlift 135

Squats were for 6-8 reps. They went pretty well even though I did them with less time between sets.

Tried 155 lbs for deadlift, but my back was feeling tired from having little time between sets.

Not much time this week due to missing Monday, being late Tuesday, class test Wednesday…

Getting a squat rack for home on Friday, watch out!

Update 2009-07-24

Got power cage for the house.

Squat 125 for 8, then for 7
Romanian DL 205 for 8, twice
Bench 145…I think, I wasn’t really focusing on my #'s

Week 2009-07-28

Squat 140
Deadlift 225
Bench 155x6

Struggled on both rdl and squat, but both weights were manageable. Benched 145x8 before and after doing 155x6.

Squat 145x8, 155x5, 145x9
RDL 235x8

Week 2009-08-02

Squat 165x5
RDL 235x8, 235x8
Bench 150x8, 160x7, 150x8

Week 2009-08-09

Squat 165x8
RDL 255x8
Bench 175x7

Probably could’ve pulled more on RDL, but lower left back was tender.

Current weight ~220 lbs, waist +41", bicep +16" cold and unflexed.

Week 2009-08-24

Squat 175x8, 175x8
RDL 275x8, 275x8
Bench 175x8, 175x8

Monday weight just under 213 lbs. As of Monday evening I can fit back into 40" jeans nicely.

Squats were challenging, and I was going a little fast, and I may not be going low enough. The very bottom of my lower back felt like giving up on my RDL’s, which is why I stopped at 7. My leg exercises on Tuesday may have been hindered by doing some sprints on Monday.

Saturday leg workout was in 100 degree heat wave, so lifts may have suffered somewhat. I took much longer breaks between sets to cool down.

Week 2009-08-31

Leg press 600x8

Monday weight ~215 lbs.

Monday only had enough time to do leg press, and I was still sore from doing legs on Saturday.

Week 2009-09-13

I’ve been cutting back on workouts due to illness and my golfers elbow tendonitis in my left elbow that’s making pulls hurt.

Leg press
Squat 195x5
RDL 285x6 did a variation closer to rack pulls with the catch bars set at #1 and putting it down gently for the most part and fully deloading
Bench 190x5, 200x4

Monday weight ~215 lbs.

Week 2009-09-20

Leg press
Squat 200x5, 205x3
RDL 275x8, 285x8
Bench 205x5, 210x2

In less than a month I’ve lost a little more than 15 lbs of body fat while gaining a couple of pounds according to the body fat test I took today, Sep 25th. I believe the last time I tested was on August 31st.

This was tested using a Tanita TBF-410. It’s not the most accurate testing device out there, but even if it’s 50% off, I still made gains that I’m very VERY happy about.

Here are the results:


AGE 31
HEIGHT 5ft 9.0in
WEIGHT 217.2lb
BMI 32.1
BMR 8756 kj
2093 kcal
IMPEDENCE 479 �?�©
FAT% 25.6%
FAT MASS 55.6lb
FFM 161.6lb
TBW 118.2lb

I’ve also gained ~1/2" around my upper arms in the same time period.

My form for RDL’s was terrible this week.

Week 2009-09-28

Leg press 650x6, 700x4
Squat 210x5
RDL 295x8
Bench 210x4, 210x3, 205x4

Monday weight: 218.5 lbs

Arms are somewhere between 16.75-17". I’m finishing this week over 225 lbs.

Week 2009-10-04

Leg press 700x8
Squat (half) 265x8 from dead stop at bottom, catches at 12, hook at 17.

Pulled my right inner thigh muscle doing leg presses. My inner thighs were feeling slightly tight and sore. Got 14 plates for 8. Threw on another plate and the muscle pulled on the first rep. This was on Tuesday. I skipped Monday.

Coach wasn’t present on Wednesday. Gym was closed for installing new equipment on Thursday…did half squats on Friday and didn’t workout on Friday or Saturday. Ugh, crappy week.

Week 2009-10-11

Leg press…this machine is gone, and my goal with it
Squat (half) 285x5 from dead stop at bottom, catches at 11, hook at 17.
RDL 295x8 from dead stop on catchs at 1
Bench 205x5, 210x5

I only did half squats again on Monday and Friday because I still can’t squat deep without my inner thigh hurting. On Wednesday I can squat down again fully again without weight. On Thursday doing adductor work hurt, but I can squat fully in weightlifting form almost without pain.

Week 2009-11-02

Squat (half) 300x7 from dead stop at bottom, catches at 11, hook at 17.
RDL 300x8 from dead stop on catchs at 1
Bench 215x5, 220x4

Adductors still hurt. Trying to take it easier on them.

Weight has been 220-225. Arms are 17.125" at least. Took Monday (leg day) off.