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2009 IFBB Europa Super Show


I was just browsing through a few pictures of the guys who competed and Ed Nunn looks insane.






The guy looks like a damn cartoon character. I thought Freeman had the tiniest waist for a big dude, but Nunn is just insane!



Those calves are freakin' awesome!

Any back shots handy?


that guy is amazing!!! the next big thing in my opinion...


Is he getting press in the mags right now ? I have somehow never heard of this guy.


MD did a couple of interviews with him.



Apparently he didn't even finish in the top 5. You can check the results here Kind of a sham IMHO if you look at the guys who beat him


Also the guy is like 6'2 or 6'3.




1st place Dennis James




2nd place Bill Wilmore.




3rd place Joel Stubbs




Want big arms? Do sum curls


Looking at the conditioning of the top five, it looks like Ed Nunn simply needs a bit more size because his conditioning and proportions look better than the top five IMO (except for Stubbs)